Another Biden Regime Official Resigns Over Joe Biden’s Israel First Policies

By Jose Nino – Big League Politics

On July 2, 2024, the Biden regime faced another resignation from a disgruntled official standing against President Joe Biden’s support for Israel’s punitive military campaign in Gaza.

“I am resigning today from my position as a Biden administration appointee in the Department of the Interior. As a Muslim American, I cannot continue working for an administration that ignores the voices of its diverse staff by continuing to fund and enable Israel’s genocide of Palestinians,”  declared Maryam Hassanein, the former special assistant and assistant secretary for land and minerals management, in a letter she published on social media.

“Instead of using US leverage to stop the killing, President Biden has continued funding this violence, while fueling hate crimes against Palestinian Americans by repeating anti-Arab tropes and outright lies,” Hassanein continued in her letter.

Hassanein resigned only a few hours prior to 12 ex-US government officials who quit in opposition to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza issuing a joint public statement urging the Biden regime “change course.” The statement described the Biden regime’s policy on Gaza as “a failure and a threat to US national security” that “dehumanizes both Palestinians and Jews.”

“This failed policy has not achieved its stated objectives – it has not made Israelis any safer, it has emboldened extremists while it has been devastating for the Palestinian people, ensuring a vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness, with all the implications of that cycle, for generations to come. As a group of dedicated Americans in service of our country, we insist that there is another way,” the joint statement added.

“Our nation’s political and economic interests across the region have also been significantly harmed, while US credibility has been deeply undermined worldwide at a time we need it most, when the world is characterized by a new era of strategic competition … Who does not now laugh when Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken describes the ‘rules-based international order’ while simultaneously undermining it in favor of Israel?” the statement continued sounding off.

Multiple US military and government officials have stepped down from their positions since October 7 in protest against the Biden regime’s support for Israel.

The Biden regime is in trouble on all fronts — from Biden’s debate debacle to his regime’s foreign policy blunders. It goes to show that the present political order has reached its limits in terms of the geopolitical ventures it supports.

Now, more than ever, the US needs an America First policy of immigration restriction and foreign policy restraint.


One thought on “Another Biden Regime Official Resigns Over Joe Biden’s Israel First Policies

  1. From journalist, Helena Glass, 7/6/24:

    “Greater Israel requires the breaking up of the existing Arab states into small states. The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must become an imperial regional power, and must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.”

    “Created in 1949 by secularist, Ben Gurion, The Mossad was created not as a security agency, but as a global destabilizer. Gurion realized that the way to gain control was through fear initiated thru terrorism.”

    “Our Government is inextricably chained to Israel. We have assisted in the creation of ‘terrorism’ to achieve Israel’s Yinon Agenda. And we have assisted Israel’s genocide of Palestine – as well as unfounded wars across the Middle East in order to destabilize and invoke chaos. Israel is the founder not just of secularism across the globe, but Terrorist Organizations – all while claiming Islam as the threat, the Common Enemy Doctrine Espoused by Bush when the Mossad laid the bombs for 9-11.”


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