Another Natural Cure For Cancer. Why Haven’t You Heard About It?

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Chemotherapy is very expensive. And statistically speaking, it does not cure cancers any better than doing nothing. Cancer quacks can buy chemo drugs at a reduced price and sell it to their patients at a 300 to 400% markup.

Compare this to Salvesterols. Most people never heard of them. Why? No money in them because they are free.

Salvesterols are naturally occurring in any fruit or vegetable that can be attacked by a fungus. They protect plants from those fungal attacks. What happens when you eat large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been treated with anti-fungal sprays?  

The Salvesterols attach themselves to the CYP1B1 enzyme which is found in 96% of all cancer cells. Professors Gerry Potter and Dan Burke at Aberdeen University in Scotland made this discovery. They found this enzyme in dozens of different cancers in all of the cancer patients they tested. None were found in normal cells taken from healthy persons.

When Salvesterols attach themselves to the CYP1B1 enzymes, they turn them into cancer killers. Too bad doctors can’t make money when you eat organic fruit and vegetables. Technically, a Salvesterol is a phytonutrient  or naturally occurring plant nutrient.

You can buy Salvesterols which have been isolated from plant sources but I make no claim for them. I am not in a position to judge the superiority of these products to just juicing greens and fruits.

There are other cures for cancer that are far superior to chemotherapy.

Baking soda can be added to water and taken 2 hours after the last meal of the day. It turns the pH of the blood from acid to base. It kills cancer cells not protected by a tumor wall. Cancer cells are prone to extinction because they cannot survive contact with oxygen. Breathing more deeply is a nice practice as it kills bacteria and cancer cells. There is a doctor in Italy who uses baking soda to treat tumors but that involves surgery and takes 7 days or so.

I should also mention cinnamon. After WW I, the Spanish flu, which originated at Fort Riley in the US, killed 50 million people. Maybe even more. The people of the day protected themselves by social distancing. They waved rather than shook hands. They also noticed that people who worked at cinnamon bottling plants never died of Spanish flu. Modern alternative medicine practitioners take cinnamon twice day with drinks or meals along with large doses of Vitamin D3. The side effects are that the duo reduces 12 different kinds of cancer, prevents most colds and incidences of flu while regulating Type II diabetes as well as standard medications.

Cinnamon like Salvesterols is naturally occurring. It is derived from the bark of trees. It protects trees as our skin protects us.

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3 thoughts on “Another Natural Cure For Cancer. Why Haven’t You Heard About It?

  1. You would think that the medical / healthcare community would be thrilled about finally finding a cure for cancer, but Noooooo… what they do instead is everything in their power to suppress the cures so they can continue killing people for profit.

    This, and other cancer cures have been known for a long time, and to this day, doctors insist on poisoning the sick rather than helping them, and many have been caught diagnosing perfectly healthy people as having cancer, just so they can poison them to death for profit.

    Forget Marcus Welby. Real doctors are serial killers, and the only healthcare available to you is to stop smoking and drinking, eat healthy, organic foods, and get plenty of exercise.

  2. Printed this up and put it in my natural cures arsenal, and will begin the baking soda regime tonight. Thanks for posting.

  3. “Chemotherapy is very expensive. And statistically speaking, it does not cure cancers any better than doing nothing.”


    Truthfully speaking, it kills the victims far quicker than doing nothing, or than the cancer ever would to begin with.

    As designed.

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