5 thoughts on “Another Utah Farm – Another Seed Potato, Beautiful Backdrop While You Work

  1. Loading for California again, incredible scenery from the land of the Mormons. It’s a warm 47 degrees, I’m wearing a tee shirt, love it.

    Henry is freezing his ass off, I’m lucky as hell.. I told my boss, if it snows, I dont go. Getting too old for those goddamned chains, F-that. After almost 20 years of that, I’ve had it. I call it retirement, still working, but on my terms. Went through North Dakota a month ago way up by Canada, 4am heavy snow, in the middle of nowhere, might as well had been the moon.

    You would have loved that, you break down or get stuck, your screwed, nobody for hundreds of miles.

    This here is a walk in the park.

    So just my luck, another driver took the wrong damned paperwork, my paperwork and hes long gone. Now I have to sit here and wait for the idiot to get his sorry ass back here.

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