6 thoughts on “Anti-Gunner Commits Felony on Video While Promoting Gun Control

  1. A logical breakdown of this guys reasoning behind the destruction of his AR15.

    The videographer states that the guy violated the National Firearms ACT of 1935 by cutting the barrel shorter than what’s required by this ACT, thus making himself a felon.

    Incorrect! We can possess ANY terrible instrument of war, period.

    1. True that, Katie.
      Wanna bet the stooge had his new stainless match barrel on that AR within 30 minutes of the video being made? All he did was cut the original barrel, instead of leaving it in leaning against the closet wall.

  2. Actually if you watch til the very end he cut it into 3 pcs
    It’s no longer useable
    But to see what I’m saying
    You need to go back to the gun owners original video

    1. The original owner’s video was 6+ minutes long. It might have shown the actual cutting of the receiver, but the white background pic shown at the end of yesterday’s clip did not convince me it was not ‘shopped, any more than seeing one-legged people in wheelchairs at the “Boston Bombing” convinced me any real bombs went off, particularly when the leg stumps were not gushing any blood.
      But, I do tend to be skeptical of things presented without evidence. Your point is well taken E.O.S.

      1. right at the end there was a frame of the gun in 3 pcs , no way to know if it was that gun or another one or a Photoshop

        but , i really doubt hes without guns ,,maybe this was one of his AR’s hat was a pile of junk so he didnt care

        this man still has guns..my belief anyways

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