Are Americans on Staten Island being Sacrificed to Mammon?

It would seem that in spite our standing FEMA army, the people in Staten Island, New York are still without any aid.  Four days after Hurricane Sandy their plight is being shown on every mainstream broadcast.  So, if the reporters can reach them, where is FEMA?  The powers that be wouldn’t be deliberately holding back in order make the situation worse, would they?

In four more days the fraudulent election will be carried out and every contractor on the East Coast is vying for a piece of the clean up and rebuilding action.  The big storm is being billed as some kind of man caused weather anomaly and the internationals, like New York Mayor Bloomberg are trying to use the storm to push for international climate change legislation.

It is interesting.  When this whole thing began it was billed as global warming, which was rejected as the people could still remember the phony assertion of a coming ice age back in the 1970s.  So now we have climate change.

What is climate change?  When the climate changes?  Out here in the hills where I live, we call that the weather.  And as for man caused climate change, well I guess that would be true in the case of HARRP.  Would the international corporate mafia use weather control to procure profits?  Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

It now appears that we the American taxpayers,, will be footing the bill for Hurricane Sandy, 100%, including lost business revenues.  The original number put out for the cost of Sandy was $20 billion, two days later we were told $50 billion.  The New York Stock Exchange was shut down for two days, so is that other $30 billion headed for Wall Street to be split up by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Bank of America?  Of course it is.

Look at it like this.  In the month of November, the American taxpayers are on the hook for $40 billion from QE3 into eternity, $85 billion more that will be used to buy up more toxic derivatives by the Federal Reserve, and now another $50 billion in emergency disaster relief for the East Coast, $20 billion of which will go to the good old boy Masonic contractors who have made it a career rebuilding the beach houses in residential areas on this flood plain, with the other $30 billion going straight to Wall Street.  This should hold up the failing economy long enough to get through the election.  And who knows, if it is politicized enough, we might even throw in some UN carbon taxes for good measure.

The elite are without conscience.  Look at them smiling on the television in anticipation of all the wealth coming their way, as the people on Staten Island are suffering the most grievous deprivations for no other reason than to accommodate elitist arm twisting to expedite the theft.

We have always known that the weather must be respected as it represents awesome power.  With the reality of HAARP and the fact that the weather has become politicized, we will now take a step back in time and once again begin fearing the weather as the international elite have now found another way to profit from our deaths.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Are Americans on Staten Island being Sacrificed to Mammon?

  1. Well, after 3 days watching Boob News & listening to Ham radio, it shows to me just what a bunch of friggin’ zombie sheep live there. You can do one-on-one with these people on how important it is to have at LEAST 3-7 days of rations & alternate sanitation. Instead, they party like rockstars, SHTF and they’re standing with their hands out baahing “feed me”. Then they have the idiocy to drive around in their gas hog vehicles to find fuel so they can drive around some more.

    The one that got me was on TV showing a lady who just got done putting $70k into refurnishing her flat. Didn’t have food or water, but was more worried on how she was going to replace the furniture that was destroyed.

    1. Hey, I work at the Liquidation Channel in Texas here. I got calls from people today who were hit by the hurricane and told me they barely had power back up in their houses, but they somehow just had to call our company up and say hey, that piece of jewelry is a MUST HAVE, especially for a Christmas gift and I can’t stop watching and shopping on the Liquidation Channel!!! You guys have such great deals!!

      Priorities are right out the window for sure. Who cares about your house and not being able to buy food and God knows what else you need to use money for to get your life back together, as long as you are able to give that special someone jewelry for Christmas. I REALLLLLYYY just can’t see how these people live with themselves or sleep at night. I REALLLY don’t. It’s people like these that make feel our country has no hope of being cured. I wish someone could please prove me wrong!

      1. Everyone always listens to these people who had it all a week or two ago and now all of a sudden they are cryin for help – well F THEM LOW LIFES. They do not even know what life is about and they cry about every little problem when it hits home with them but they do not care any other time when it happens to any one else.

  2. Mastic Beach, Long Island’s South Shore – After we lost electricity during hurricane Sandy, I used my two hobo stoves in my fireplace and was able to cook up tasty meals and perk up my coffee. Made them from coffee cans. They worked exceptionally well. I’m still using them today, Friday, the 2nd of Nov.

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