CNN’s Ali Velshi Perpetuates the Unemployment Lie

There were 171,000 new jobs created in October and the not-real unemployment rate went up a tenth of a percent to 7.9%.  New jobless filings for the week came in at 363,000, and at this point in the ballgame we really don’t know how this number is being used in the calculation of the unemployment rate.

These unemployment numbers have become laughable as the media meat puppets report on the real unemployment number and the not-real unemployment number in the same breath.  If there is a real unemployment number and a not-real number is also being reported, isn’t the not-real one a lie?

Not according to CNN’s Ali Velshi, who actually attempted to assert that these blatantly fraudulent numbers have validity and that anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist.  Well, seeing as how in the past three months and indeed even today, we have been presented with the real and the not-real number, I guess we are all conspiracy theorists.

Ali had a very important person on his broadcast to explain to us conspiracy theorists how these legitimate numbers are legitimately arrived at.  The theory is that 60,000 households are contacted, either by phone or in person at the home, and their work status is registered via censes.  Now let’s see, 100 million people are out of work or underemployed, 60,000 are interviewed.  So they are calculating the condition of 100% by interviewing .06%.  And remember, you have to have a phone or a house to get interviewed, which would automatically exclude millions living in tent cities and storm drains, homeless shelters, cars, and on the streets.

Ali’s calculation went on to the 171,000 jobs it was reported that were created in October.  This number is supposedly arrived at from reported payroll data from 141,000 businesses.  In short, one of these businesses put another worker on the payroll and it is entered into the plus column.

Now let’s get to the truth, Ali, you two bit communist sleaze bag.  How many of these businesses are international franchises based here in the United States?  And how many of the 171,000 jobs added to their payrolls are in other countries?  All of them?  This is a fraud and Ali knows it.

When we have reinstated our Republic, we must make sure that every one of these propagandists are tried for high treason during a time of war, resulting in the deaths of Americans, a capital offense.  They are as complicit with this insurgency as the traitors in our government and we will scorn them.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “CNN’s Ali Velshi Perpetuates the Unemployment Lie

  1. Growth and jobs can never come back. Private Money is a major business, with power and control. It is an exclusive arrangement where the few are personally worth many hundreds of trillions of dollars in private wealth.

    ALL money is printed into existence for example when you borrow $30,000 from the issuers of dollars the entity that you give the $30,000 to lodges it back to these same ultimate iissuers ie. The private FED dollar system. All loans self cancel in this process. It is all an exclusive con game for the private elite only. The interest charged is different as it is not printed into existence by the issuers of all dollars, it is your personal wealth transferred to the trillionaires.

    The game continues until debt saturation where the compounded interest can no longer be paid and Skylock cannot be offered any more assets to loan his counterfeit against.

    This is the reason there are 46 million beggars in America, real people caught out in the deadly scam gladly accepting food stamps on the breadline. If it were not for the uncharaceristic generosity of the Fed they would be begging openly on the streets and not from the Government.

    Shylock is generously lending the US Government free money to pay for welfare and warfare only because he has more to gain by waiting his time.

    Shylock is waiting for his new commander in chief, for dire international events to play out before extracting his pound of flesh which are all the assets worldwide pledged to him in this fiat money for your debt scam.

    When this happens the number of beggars will quadruple and the old Shylock without assets available to be pledged to him is unlikely to continue issuing his quantitative easing of giving free welfare, warfare money to the needy via the Government.

    Prepare yourself for the Coming by the Anti Christ with food, silver, gold and God in your ark or perhaps continue to sit back and rely on Shylock to issue a debt forgive nance because he cares about you and really wants you to be free, to be carefree, happy and have a wonderful prosperous future for your children with good jobs and without his debt and usury.

    The last line in 1984 For those putting their trust in big zion, everything was all right ‘He had learned to love big bother’

  2. How many of these new jobs are crap, low wage jobs? How many are seasonal? What percentage of the good jobs are filled by Americans and how many by visa holders, mostly from India and China?

  3. “Ali’s calculation went on to the 171,000 jobs it was reported that were created in October. This number is supposedly arrived at from reported payroll data from 141,000 businesses. In short, one of these businesses put another worker on the payroll and it is entered into the plus column.”

    BAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!! ROLMFAO!!! Wow. If this means the unemployment rate is going down and hundreds of jobs are opening up, then someone seriously needs to get fired from their job, re-educated or beaten in the face a hundred times until he or she sees more jobs in front of his or her eyes.

    I think Ali needs to join the IRS because I hear they need someone who can help increase their tax fraud.

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