6 thoughts on “Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? – Inside the Animal Mind: Episode 2 – BBC Two

    1. Yes Paul, and people hink we are so damned smart 🙂 . I always have liked crows and ravens for some reason.

    1. This one actually amazed me. I had no idea they could perform a series of tasks in just the right order to accomplish something.

      1. Yes #1 that was a awesome post – I do not remember you posting one like this before – Good job #1. I have ravens and crows where I am at and ya can hear them talking amonst them selves – ya can tell by their tone of voice and their actions. Even my cat comes running when they start a certain type of cawing. They can be very verbal all right lol.Yea, I think they are really intelligent animals to be sure. Yea, thanks again for posting this as it reafirms what I always thought about how intelligent they are.

  1. Mewonders how many stupid children might have been fed was it not for the cost of the study of this intelligent bird nor how the study may have been more economical had it been determined to be profitable to society and undertaken by free enterprise.The consumer would prefer to feed humanity first in the full knowledge that bird brains were uniquely given by God to survive outside of the taxpayer dole.God made crows and man has not saved a single one but killed many,but not as many as his own kind,bird brains that we are.Perhaps the birds observe our stupidity,free of government or of charge and realize that we are free to do the same shall we ever become as smart as they.

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