Arizona Educators Bring Back Anti-White Curriculum After Judges Struck It Down

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The Mexican-American studies curriculum offered in Tucson, Ariz., public schools in years past has been described by at least two federal judges as a program that promotes resentment against whites. As a result of the ruling, education officials passed a law in 2010 banning such lessons.

In 2013, however, reports indicate the city’s school board opted to resurrect the same courses determined to discriminate against Caucasians. Materials including Occupied America and Chicano! were among the offending books ordered as a result of the board’s vote.  

Some individual educators took the initiative even further by introducing hardcore rock and hip hop songs with an identifiably prejudiced message. Pueblo Magnet High School Principal Augustine Romero proudly announced the return of the controversial curriculum and was caught on tape offering a profanity-laced defense of the program.

(Warning: Strong Language)

Reports also indicate he was removed from a conference last summer after nearly engaging in fisticuffs with a parent.

Then-Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal issued a letter to the district offering an ultimatum regarding its decision to implement the banned lessons.

“I am deeply concerned by the fact that the noncompliance appears to extend beyond classes taught from the Mexican American perspective and now also includes classes taught from the African American perspective,” he stated.

The district is in “clear violation” of the law by bringing back the educational materials, he added, and will lose 10 percent of its state funding if officials do not return to compliance within the next two months.

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