Army Releases New Plan to ‘Mitigate’ Climate Change

Military.ocm – by Drew F. Lawrence

The Army on Wednesday released its new plan describing how it intends to combat climate change built around trying to survive increasingly extreme weather while limiting the service’s contribution to the problem. 

While the plan offers ways to reduce climate change, it does so without directly acknowledging the military’s hand in exacerbating the problem as one of the largest industry emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

As the Pentagon pushes through what many experts describe as likely irreversible impacts to the planet resulting from emissions, the service’s plan is founded on one very Army word: mitigation.

The 50-page plan, which is an extension of the service’s overall Army Climate Strategy released earlier this year, offers a series of ambitious goals to meet Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s 2021 call to “immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change considerations” as the Pentagon points to several instances of climate change-related events that have affected the services.

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One thought on “Army Releases New Plan to ‘Mitigate’ Climate Change

  1. Re: “The military was also the single largest consumer of energy in the United States at the time, although as the Global War on Terror has come to a close, the energy consumption levels have steadily dipped over the last decade.”

    When did “The Global War on Terror” come to a close? No one told me. If anything, it’s expanded, turning anyone who challenges their Global Communistic Control into a terrorist.


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