Arrogance, Deceit, and Lies make up December’s Job Report

The unemployment rate remained at 7.8% for the month of December.  The December job growth by sector went as follows:

Construction was up by 30,000 jobs.  This would consist of illegal aliens rebuilding the East Coast after Superstorm Sandy at substandard wages with no benefits.  And of course we the taxpayers will be picking up the tab, so where is the gain?

Next we had health care up by 45,000.  This would be new private contractors to administer Obamacare to be paid for by we the taxpayers.  No gain.

Food service was up by 38,000.  This one I simply do not believe as it is my personal experience, which is bolstered by the reality of diminished Christmas sales that expendable income is disappearing with the devaluation of the dollar.

Next we have manufacturing up by 25,000.  This number can be accredited to international corporations based in the United States, hiring overseas and manipulating those numbers onto their books here.

In reality as the case has been since 2008, we have experienced a gross loss of jobs in the United States in 2012, the exact number of which cannot be reported as this information is purposefully withheld.  We do know that at least 350,000 jobs per month are needed to just keep pace with those Americans coming into the job market for the first time after graduating from high school or college.  If you believe the lie of 155,000 jobs created in December, does this still not represent a deficit of 195,000 jobs in what is needed just to keep an even keel?

Retail sales for the month of December lost 19,000 jobs.  Remember, this is December; this is as good as it gets for hiring in retail.  Considering the dive in retail sales and the fact that the United States, before the attack on our economy and indeed today, is a consumer based economy driven by an industrial base, how can any of the previous numbers be entertained as being plausibly true?

We could go on and on but what would be the point?  Either you are a realist who can see that the United States continues to plunge into the abyss and that these fraudulent numbers are only being broadcast over the mainstream in an effort to sucker those who still have money in the bank into throwing it away through the stock market, or you are a future potential victim.

On an ending note, along with this report it was said that there are only 12.2 million people out of work in the United States.  On every network, at one time or another in the past six months, this number has been put at between 80 million and 100 million.  If the truth be known, we are probably closing in on 110 million unemployed.

All of this, as new austerity measures are being implemented.  This is why the Department of Homeland Security needs 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition.  This is why the police state for the confiscation of our weapons is being implemented.  You see, this is the stuff revolutions are made of.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Arrogance, Deceit, and Lies make up December’s Job Report

  1. Henry, The 38,000 food service jobs can be accredited to Obamacare! The food service industry is going gangbusters for new part time workers. The vast majority of full time workers will be let go or provided wIth a 28 hour work week. Darden Restaurants has stopped offering full-time schedules to many hourly workers in at least a few Olive Gardens, Red Lobsters and LongHorn Steakhouses. Papa Johns has also questioned how they will overcome Obamacare selling 11.99 pizza pies. I Think the 38,000 food service jobs are spot-on for part time hires into the work place.

    1. Hello Redtape your right as I work at a Red lobster slash olive garden. They used to not just give full time but now they cut people’s hours even more to try to dodge obamacare and they just got a heavy fine and bad PR for that last december.

      They did everything wrong during this PR and didn’t even try to act human. they were like “yeah we are greedy scum and we only care about our money hurr..”

      1. camil2003, I’m Sorry that your employer has cut your hours. Please understand that your employer is trying to stay profitable (OPEN) in a very competitive and hostel market. I’m a CEO of a small company and the burden of BIG government is just CRUSHING us today. I will not hire unless its absolute, furthermore the job market will continue to bounce along the bottom as we (America) self destruct. The American voter must wake-up and vote for independence NOT dependence. TRUST ME Obama-care-not about your job or your health!

        1. Yeah I know…
          Looking at this through common sense glasses I can’t even imagine why you would hire anybody these days. Your a small company so I have more mercy for you then a piece of shit company like darden which is the walmart of restaurants and most of my income comes from temp employment places where I get cash so I know a bit of the feeling(at least it ain’t going to obozo care),

          Darden went belly up some time ago and closed some of their places and didn’t even tell their employee’s who didn’t know they were out of a job until they came in to work and the place was closed.

        2. RedTape: the time for voting has LONG past. It’s nothing more than a delusion of the matrix.

          The ONLY thing this criminal communist so-called ‘government’ understands or fears is brute force.

          Ask yourself this: Why are they so desperately trying to take away our guns?

          Not for OUR safety, I can assure you.

          History does repeat itself.

          1. #1NWO, Yes I do agree our vote has been undermined by the uneducated dependent voter. I watched a video last month of voters leaving a school after voting and they were asked a question, what is “The Bill Of Rights” No problem for you or me BUT most of the people respond with “ah, the what” or ” i’m not sure”. America is so screwed when the voters are so ignorant. Oh and slaves never own guns, “from my cold dead hands” they can have it!

  2. Hi Henry,

    Allow me to take your observations one step further,…

    What is the purpose of presenting such distorted jobs numbers??

    Its simple,… “The Ends Justify The Means”,… (Machiavelli)

    What is the “End” that this criminal gov’t is working towards?

    A: The complete and utter destruction of this country,… total tyranny, total enslavement, mass exterminations.

    The United States was an Industrial and Economic powerhouse unlike any society, country or nation in the history of mankind. As such, we had more wealth per capita, and more ways for any inidividual to be self-sustaining than any previous incarnation of a nation.

    This was coupled with one unusual artifact of unique American philosophy which International Bankers, Corporate Elite and Meglamanics find absolutely repugnent,…. The US Consitution, and the fundamental concept it embodies, which is: Gov’t Exist To Protect The Sovereign Rights Of The Individual!”

    The NWO pyschopaths can NOT sieze control of the entire planet as long as this country was both Self-Sufficient and Individuals are allowed to be sovereign, hence the careful and delibrate destruction of our industrial base starting in the 60’s, and the destruction of Constitutional Safeguards since early 1900’s! (especially with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913)

    Complete Tyranny, Despotism,.. Slavery is the oldest profession in the world, as the moment mankind existed in groups of people larger than 3 people,… one of them had visions of having total domination over the others.

    Now,.. they, the power prostitutes, have the USA in the Social-Economic Kill Box, the Global Financial System is a heartbeat away from total implosion, the key postions in our gov’t have been filled with traitors and psychos, and of course,.. the media of this country is carefully crafted to covertly be the American version of the Joseph Gobbbels Ministry Of Propaganda, that spews total and complete nonsense out in a continous stream of worthless vomit, that the main body of the mindless sheeple in this country seem to lap up with ardor and affection.,.. hence the complete fairytale numbers of jobs that your article focuses on.

    The real crux of what you observed is, most jobs that were “created” are gov’t jobs,.. meaning taxpayers pay, which is actually a net-loss.

    This is reduce the population to Total Dependence On This Treasonous Gov’t so people are less likely to rebell against their “main provider”,.. in addition, we see that the rhetoric against the Constituion is now in full swing for the singular purpose of disarming a nation.

    Let there be no doubt in anyones mind here: This Treasonous Filth called the US Fed Gov’t is now moving in for the killing stroke of this country, with the intended “Ends” of Total Enslavement, then Mass Extermination.

    There is only ONE Workable Solution: “We The People”, must bind together, abolish this treasonous filth, arrest, try, convict and hang all manner of persons inside and outside this gov’t that acted towards its destruction.

    To do ANYTHING less, is by definition, to do something less, which means we will fail.

    Only the complete exposure and erradiction of this infectious disease called the US Fed Gov’t and its owners is what can save us,.. and the world from Total Enslavement.

    JD – US Marines – Day 23 Of 2nd American Revolution

  3. Is it time to just admit the truth,that SLAVERY in the USA NEVER ended, we only changed the NAME to IMMIGRATION!
    Is it TIME to begin a REAL CHARITY to help the IMMIGRANT SLAVES to GO HOME!
    I say it is way past time,the American dream is dead for all Americans and has ALWAYS been a lie to suck in NEW SLAVES!

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