Cathy Gaubert Claims Her Daughter’s Photo Was Stolen From Flicker And Used As Sandy Hook Shooting Victim

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(Thomas Dishaw) More interesting developments on the Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy…A women named Cathy Gaubert is claiming someone stole her daughter’s “first day of school” picture.

The photo was lifted  from their Flicker account and published  as a victim in the Sandy Hook shooting.

The mother took to Instagram posting this interesting message asking readers to put pressure on Facebook users to remove it from their pages .

According to the mother there is one page who is ignoring her request.

The above picture looks like its from the Daily Mail, although attempts to find a cashed version of the page were unsuccessful, as were attempts to contact the mother. You can view her Twitter page here  and Instagram here. I don’t know but this Sandy Hook thing keeps getting weirder and weirder!

cathy gaubert

9 thoughts on “Cathy Gaubert Claims Her Daughter’s Photo Was Stolen From Flicker And Used As Sandy Hook Shooting Victim

  1. When is this country going to realize we need this maniac out of office before its to late? Is there anything we can do to prevent this from going any further? Is there anyone left in the government that is on our side? This has already escalated way to far and i fear the time has come for us to stand up for the foundation our 4 fathers built a great and powerful country on. The military itself should realize that this is not american.

  2. Sloppy false flag.

    These scum in their haste screwed the pooch so bad on this one.

    I can only imagine that the next false flag will be even sloppier, and even if they cut off the internet sandy hook woke too many people up.

  3. New World Order scumbags your time will come. The amount of EVIL you display will devour you. Barack Obama you WILL stand before the true and living God, Jesus Christ. I cannot wait for that day. You in con-gress spineless wimp traitors will as well. You will take no more! How dare you use children, how dare you! TRASH!

  4. People have to move on this Sandy Hook data and spread it far and wide A.S.A.P., because doing so will undermine a lot of the new gun control pressure, and move a lot of people to our side quickly. The evidence of false-flag here is too obvious, and easy enough to see by the blind.

    This is a good opportunity to strike a hard blow at the feds, the Zionist media, and the gun grabbers. All their cards are on the table here, and they’re getting bagged once again.

    1. Granted, Stevie Wonder could probably ‘see’ it, so to speak, but unfortunately, most of the sheeple in this country are blind, deaf AND dumb (can be taken both ways).

  5. Isn’t this what we are all either warned about in school, or warn our kids about? Once you put something up online, it is there, forever. And anyone that sees it, can SAVE it to their computer, and use it in the future, when ever, and where ever they want to. People with pages on facebook use anything they can get their hands on to get likes. They make up fake stories to go with any picture, just to get a reaction. If you do not want you pictures viewed, saved, and use by others, then do not post them online.

    1. Kit, albeit, that is absolutely NO excuse for the United States government to do what they did. There is more than ample evidence online that proves beyond any doubt that this whole charade was planned out to further the gun control agenda of our government and the United Nations. People need to wake up to the fact we are being duped by powerful forces, and if we do not take a stand, it is to our own peril.

  6. I personally looked up every single victim in the SSDI. I can’t explain why, but at least six did not show up in the SSDI on my search, and one of those that did showed up with the wrong birthdate. All those who weren’t listed, I performed several searches. What’s really strange is, Adam Lanza is not showing up at all now, so I wonder if they pulled it, because of the error. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is, Emilie Parker was listed as deceased. There’s a lot of controversy surrounded her father–who many believe to be a crisis actor–after he gave an announcement the day of the shooting, which appeared to be staged. His daughter, Emilie, was also reportedly photographed with Obama the day after the shooting. I also seen where a mother is claiming her daughter’s photo–which she claims was taken off Flickr–is being used as one of the victims under a different name.

    Daniel Barden – 9/25/2005 – Birthdate listed as 09/27/2005 on SSDI
    Marquez-Ana M Greene – 4/4/2006 – Not listed in SSDI
    Chase Kowalski – 10/31/2005 – Not listed in SSDI
    Jesse Lewis – 6/30/2006 – Not listed in SSDI
    Grace McDonnell – 11/4/2005 – Not listed in SSDI
    Lauren Russeau – 6/10/1982 – Not listed in SSDI
    Mary Sherlach – 2/11/1956 – Not listed in SSDI

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