As Addictive As Cocaine: HFCS – America’s Most Deadly Addiction?

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A little over a year ago, I did what was once unthinkable, I gave up anything and everything containing high fructose corn syrup. I did it for a big reason: I had come to the conclusion that it was killing me. Those multiple energy drinks a day to go along with my Pepsi habit and 2 candy bar a day routine was rotting out my insides, and I knew it, so I gave them up cold turkey. I haven’t turned back and I have no regrets whatsoever.  

My suspicions were somewhat confirmed with both this release of a new study from the 2013 Canadian Neurosciences Meeting which proves that high fructose corn syrup is as addictive as cocaine as well as a new study on bee colony collapse. No wonder the elite keep pushing this stuff on America and our children, it’s part of the depopulation agenda. Give it up; you don’t need it.

When you throw Monsanto’s GMO corn into the HFCS death brew and their track record of poisoning the masses, HFCS is a recipe for looming disaster. Now we learn that HFCS is also tied to bee colony collapse. Mother nature gives us plenty of wonderful options when we need a ‘sweet fix’ and besides, from nature it’s all natural if you find the right raw organic GMO-free sources. From Science2.0:

Is the obesity epidemic due to the addictive qualities in food or that a lot more food is cheap and plentiful than ever before in history?

A paper presented at the 2013 Canadian Neuroscience Meeting, the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience – Association Canadienne des Neurosciences (CAN-ACN), says the problem is addiction rather than food wealth – the authors claim that high-fructose corn syrup can cause behavioral reactions in rats similar to those produced by drugs of abuse such as cocaine.  It’s the “Food Addiction” hypothesis that has recently become popular, which posits that we could be addicted to food just like drugs.

More about America’s deadly addiction below this new video with Citizens for Health interviewing Rohan Marley, son of Bob, who speaks about the dangers of HFCS, GMO’s and the Marley Beverage Company.

Surveys of consumption of cocaine show that though many individuals try these drugs, only a small percentage of them become addicted. Francesco Leri set out to show that the same could be true of “addictive foods”. “We have evidence in laboratory animals of a shared vulnerability to develop preferences for sweet foods and for cocaine” says Leri. Specifically, Leri wants to prove that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is worse for us than table sugar.

Leri used rats to examine the behavioral, chemical and neurobiological changes induced by consumption of “addictive foods” containing HFCS. “We are not rats, but our children do not think too much about the impact of sweets on their brain and behaviour. There is now convincing neurobiological and behavioural evidence indicating that addiction to food is possible. Our primary objective is to discover biological predictors of vulnerability to develop excessive consumption of high fructose corn syrup ,” says Leri.

We’ve also recently learned that HFCS is believed to be connected to bee colony collapse.

13 thoughts on “As Addictive As Cocaine: HFCS – America’s Most Deadly Addiction?

  1. “Since the fructose in corn syrup does neither stimulate insulin secretion nor reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin, you will continue to feel hungry while the body converts the fructose into fat.” naturalnews

    “GM corn and cotton are engineered to produce their own built-in pesticide in every cell. When bugs bite the plant, the poison splits open their stomach and kills them.” Foodmatters

    Worst finding of all—GMOs remain inside of us
    “The only published human feeding study revealed what may be the most dangerous problem from GM foods. The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.” Foodmatters

    1. Yep Crunch, I heard this morning on MSM news that there is a real big increase in “Celliac” desease in just the last 20 or so years. GMO`s any one?, MSM is saying that it is processed foods but most processd foods are GMO`s already aren`t they? Not to mention all the pesticides and herbacides and what ever the heck else they use that they are claiming to be safe.

  2. Hey All ,This article fails to mention “EPYCITE” (spermacide) gene which has been inserted into gm corn,to make you infertile .I can tell you first hand that having planted 2 fields of sweetcorn one gm the other heritage(natural saved seed) THE BEARS AND CRITTERS DID NOT BOTHER THE FIELD OF GMSWEET CORN even the pain in the ass starlings stayed out.I MOWED THE WHOLE FIELD DOWN and after canning it wasnt fit to eat,this is not real food it is man made chemical crap look no further than HYBRID roses they have no smell at all compared to natural GOD made creations.

    1. Yes, you said it all there Steve. Kind of reminds me of that old tactic called “Bait and Switch”. Ya know the tomatoe that doesn`t even taste like a tomatoe, or a burger that was made in some lab some where. Frankenstein food. Hell Steve The wild animals are smarter than us Human beings – they leave that GMO stuff alone

      1. Hey Rhums,The epycite kills sperm not the urge what kills the urge is all the SOY it is in fkn everything,check any candy bar or “food” product and chances are it contains soy which means maybe for your lack of urge can be easily cured by avoiding ALL SOY it produces ESTROGEN which is why men nowadays seem to have a feminine side,yet nobody sees this transformation for what it is.Hope this helps ol buddy.Oh yea according to my own personal studies this age thing SUCKS,as with My age I only think about it 16 or so hours a day now LOL

        1. There goes my fish heads and rice! Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Guamanian foods have been a staple of mine since the 70’s.
          Now you tell me I’m to blame! Thanks a lot buddy. 🙂
          Now I don’t know what I’m going to eat.

          1. Hey Digger, please quit channeling my thoughts and then posting them!
            Just because I think Asian women are the sexiest ladies on earth doesn’t give you the right to post my thoughts!

  3. I’m converting too,

    where the hell do we get chocolate chip cookies (was chips ahoy), chili with beef (was Nalley’s), I tried several brands and they taste like crap.

    I found lots of luck with Amy’s stuff, and Angies? little cheese trail mix thingys for snacks.

    I been looking into some kosher food also.

    I don’t like some of the food. Finding not only organic, but organic that tastes good. I’m like one of those cats that only eats one brand of cat food. Meee-friggin-yeow

  4. So what are we to do? They are black balling the farms that dont use their seeds. What I would like to know is how far back does this go? When did these GMO seeds start being used, it could be longer than we all think. I watched a documentary that said that there was a place that seeds were stored underground in case of catastrophe…wonder how old they are and if they are GMO too…so many questions I know but these are the things we need to know and find out about. These people at Monsanto dont care, they will stop at nothing…wonder why they dont care about themselves or their family are they that cold blooded…

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    Farmed Salmon Exposed.

  6. HFCS, MSG, and aspartame. Some of the most toxic cr@p ever designed kill……..
    Surreptitiously and incrementally, of course.

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