At least nine American Mormon community members killed in Mexico

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Mexico City (AFP) – At least three women and six children from an American Mormon community based in northern Mexico have been killed in an ambush, a relative of the victims said on Monday.

Julian Lebaron said his cousin was on her way to the airport when she was attacked and shot in her car along with her four children in Rancho de la Mora, an area notorious for drug traffickers and bandits of all kinds. 

“It was a massacre,” Lebaron, an activist who has denounced criminal groups in the area, told Formula Radio.

Lebaron said his relatives located the vehicle, which had been set on fire with the bodies of the victims inside.

Two other vehicles were found several hours later, containing the bodies of two more women and two children.

At least five other children, one of whom was shot and wounded, managed to escape and walk home, and one girl was reported missing after having run into the woods to hide, Lebaron added.

The Chihuahua state attorney general, Cesar Augusto Peniche, said the number of victims remains “confused”.

The attack took place on the border between the states of Chihuahua and Sonora near the border with the United States.

Julian Lebaron’s brother, Benjamin Lebaron, founder of a crime-fighting group called SOS Chihuahua, was assassinated in 2009.

The affected community is made up of descendants of Mormons who fled the United States in the nineteenth century, after being persecuted for their traditions, including polygamy.

Many Mormons in Mexico enjoy dual Mexican and American citizenship.

Mexico has registered more than 250,000 murders since the government controversially deployed the army to fight drug trafficking in 2006.

Many experts blame the “drug war” for spiraling violence, as fragmented cartels battle each other and the army.

11 thoughts on “At least nine American Mormon community members killed in Mexico

  1. I was just about to try and send this in. Apparently it doesn’t matter when our people are killed over the border. So enraging.

  2. They’re not my people….

    I’ll tell ya fkng that.

    When I moved here to live off grid on my land.

    Them niggers tried to kill me.

    They snow plowed me in so I couldn’t get out in winter of 2015.

    I still have frostbite scars on both legs from that shit.

    Well …., and that was after they shot and killed one of my dogs.

    So I have no pity.

    Between the LDS churches here and the Masons.

    They can sk my dk.

    Am I still bitter……?

    Goddammed….. right I am.

    But after seeing this article…

    I feel a little better.

    1. That’s what I’m sayin Katie.

      Seen that one.

      I respect their rights to kid… fk.

      So if that’s what they want to do…. and do it for years in Mexico…

      That’s fine with me.

      But don’t ask for sympathy when someone gets shot.

      Not my cult.

      1. I hear you flee. This documentary is actually interviewing a Brent Labaron. Actually, i’m watching this for the 1st time. Found it in a comment section on youtube.

        They wanted to practice polygamy so they moved into Mexico after the us kicked ’em out.

      2. I was upset about it but when I realized it was Mormons I can’t say it bothered me as much. I can’t stand those sobs. I’ve heard they work closely with intelligence agencies and I’m pretty convinced that is true. They give me the creeps.

      1. He wasn’t even eligible to run for CEO of the corporation because his father was born in Mexico. I don’t recall ever hearing anything about this at the time. I could be wrong.


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