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  1. Australia, New Zealand & Canada have been seeing this for years. These countries had all their housing bylaws changed in the last 10-15 years or so to suddenly allow multi-storey buildings with up to a dozen dwellings in them to be built on one property where one house used to stand. Nearly every single new dwelling houses fresh Chinese immigrants who nearly all come to these countries with plenty of money & are fast-tracked through everything & financially “assisted” or “favored”. The general public of these countries are told it is because of a “housing shortage” at the same time that their housing markets exploded to the point where their own children who were born & raised in the country after many generations can’t even afford to buy a house anymore in their own country! Tell me THAT’S not a jewish trick & I’ll tell you to your face that you’re either a lying jew or an ignorant, programmed-all-your-life “goy” who’s doing exactly what the jew programmed you to do (look up the meaning of “golem”)!!!

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