Attention: Marketing the Message

May I submit an idea …..

If we started a road sign campaign, I believe the gained exposure would start a rolling effect. Most readers are widely located throughout the Republic. That gives us the broad brush to work with.

Now for the signs.

There’s most likely, located near each of us, a supplier of corrugated plastic sheeting. This usually sells for about ten dollars for a sheet 4’x8′.  

With this dimension, one can cut that into 12 -16″h x 24″w signs. The legs can be made out of a 12′ masons ladder cut to fit like an “H”.

A masons ladder is used in laying block, and it’s just a long wire product that can be easily cut into several “H” patterns. One end of this “H” inserts into the sign and the other end into the ground. This is how those signs you see on the side of the road are done.

I do this all the time in promoting my business.

12 signs can be produced for about twenty dollars.

To print your signage: I made an overlapping stencil out of a sheet of cardboard. Make your letters and numbers approx. 3″ tall.

Cutting out the letters and numbers in order to phrase the message.

As mine reads:

Cabinets and More

Use a Fluorescent spray paint… The cut out letters can also be used to make a negative image of the other sign. Just roll up a piece of tape and place the cut out letters and numbers in their respective places….. Then paint.

The message: This can be simply a website address like:

From The Trenches World or
Liberty Tree

With twelve of these located in smart places, in and around your local, the word will get out and listenership will increase. Make sure to place the sign out of the way of mowers and in a place where they’ll be easily seen from a distance. Fluorescent paint will do the rest. I suggest an orange color, leaving the rest of the sign white and outline your block letters and numbers with a black sharpie marker for contrasting effects.

3 thoughts on “Attention: Marketing the Message

  1. Brought this plan up on the intelligence report. Mark covered it a bit. He suggested people read the article, and stated he enjoyed the authors writing ability. I mentioned it to someone earlier today, and immediately they brought up moral issues, got all upset, and basically shut the conversation down.
    Would appreciate some input from others concerning the moral issue if there is one.
    Paraclete, regarding the signs, it appears you are trying to increase listenership which is great. Is the increase in listenership geared toward executing the plan mentioned in the article” Revolution In America?”

  2. Last night I thought Mark was referring to getting the message out.
    Getting the word out about waking people up, across the board.
    The way to wake folks up is to steer them towards the place to do so.
    Hence the signage idea ……simple, cost effective, and it works.

  3. Unfortunately if you live in places like Mckinney, TX and many other Homeowner and Community Association areas, you have to “register” (as unbelievable and pathetic as that sounds) your signs in order to “legally” (not freely) place them on PUBLIC property in your area (of course now the Communist call PUBLIC property, “CITY property” in order to try and justify their control over it).

    My wife is general manager for a restaurant in Mckinney and she can’t even put up a “Now Hiring” sign without the approval of these association gods that people have to bow down to or the restaurant will get fined. It’s absolutely pathetic and ridiculous and this is one of the many reasons why they say, “Mckinney, TX is the #1 place to live in the country” because only rich people can afford to play these Communist association games.

    In addition to that, I remember a youtube video last year of a person (can’t remember his name) trying to run for Congress in his area and how he stated that the city was taking his campaign signs down because he needed approval of the city in order to put up his signs on public property. The city’s excuse was, “We want to make sure the stakes weren’t hitting any water pipes in the ground when you hammer them into the ground and that’s why we need to know where you are planting them.”



    I can’t believe we even live in such a ridiculous, nanny state world. And of course he was the only person who didn’t register for it because it was unconstitutional. The others had no problem with it. Until people as a whole stop acquiescing to the corrupt system, it will only continue.

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