Australian Mega-HAARP Storm? Sea Foam Covers Streets 10′ Deep

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Was the mega-storm that is now causing havoc off of the Eastern Coast of Australia caused by HAARP? HAARPStatus might answer that question a big YES! Check out the Haarp map of Australia below. The frequency magnitude readings for Eastern Australia are close to 10.

Leave it to Australians to find a bit of fun in a disaster zone. Sea foam blown in from the ocean is now covering parts of Australia up to ten feet deep!

Severe weather off Australia’s shores has brought phenomenal volumes of sea foam into eastern coastal towns and cities. The curious anomaly has brought the throngs outdoors for some Australian January summertime fun.

6 thoughts on “Australian Mega-HAARP Storm? Sea Foam Covers Streets 10′ Deep

    1. yeah, that’s confusing me too, Digger. I thought sea foam was just bubbles that would pop and vanish. Must be something in the water, as they say.

  1. Umm…..ok…Is this a new phenomenon? HAARP?? It looks like someone released a giant amount of bubble bath liquid in the water and it poured out into the street. I have never in my life seen or heard of anything like this before.

  2. HAARP had nothing to do with the bubbles, but the Level 10 Haarp activity brought a torrential downpour that found its way to the local laundry mat .

    Good day

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