3 thoughts on “Australian Senator admits Covid was a planned event by global elites to control and depopulate the world.

  1. Is he making a start? How far will he go? How much does he know? Some strong words there, but he is entrenched in the very institutions that turn on people. They give him his paycheck. How far is he prepared to walk his talk and walk the walk of true freedom? He’s now under the microscope —> Can of worms opened, genie our of bottle.

    I want to like him but must wait to see where he takes the ball of wax. Champion of Humanity, or Big Talker?


  2. He should start with his Nazi Australian government. They were practically the strictest country in the world during the pandemic.

  3. PLANNED GENOCIDE, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY !! Public Trials & all that are found Guilty must Hang by the Neck. ALL the Politicians, Medical Professionals, & anyone else that Profited & Pushed this False Narrative need to be arrested immediately.

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