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Hizbullah: “You Don’t See Them…They See You!”

“This is not good!” cautions a new Lebanese friend in a stern tone of warning, clutching this reporters arm for emphasis. “This, where you are going.. it is their neighbourhood… Hizbullah’s neighbourhood. They control this completely!” Protesting that this quest … Continue reading

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Hizbullah Today: Of Power, Money, and… the People.

With the last shot  of the 2006 war fired and the IDF moving back into Israel, Lebanon began to heal its wounds. At the same time, Hizbullah, that had so successfully turned back the tides of war, began to rebuild- … Continue reading

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The “Iron Fisted” Leader of Hamas in Palestine- Where is Mohammed Deif?

In the ravaged streets of Gaza and the shrinking hills of the West bank, Palestinians- in desperation- scream his name. On the walls of the twelve Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon his name is spray painted-in hope- beneath yellow flags … Continue reading

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Beirut Lebanon: “You’re Not in Turkey Anymore!”

“ We have seen war… too much war. We desire peace. To have peace we must live together as one people. The new government says so. We support our government.” – Taxi driver on the streets of Beirut. Author’s Note: This … Continue reading

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Erdogan’s Turkey: When Knives Cut Both Ways.

        “A Leader should be like a father… he helps the country grow, teaches it, provides for its future. Erdogan? He is no father to Turkey.” – Turkish citizen on the streets of Istanbul. Author’s Note: This is Part One … Continue reading

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When Your Bank Fails, Don’t Walk …Run!

So. The US economy is just fine. The post-recession 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation has cured all. Banks have lots of cash. Congress is your friend and that certain-to-pass Tax Cut and Jobs bill will finally allow you, your family and America … Continue reading

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The Only Language Israel Understands

Israeli atrocity and imposed misery continues unchecked in Gaza. This summer’s wholesale slaughter did nothing to improve the lives of Palestinians. In Gaza, its much worse. As explored in last week’s  Press TV article, an examination of the list of … Continue reading

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