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Jacob Wohl: It’s Time to Mercilessly Bomb Iran

The Washington Reporter – by Jacob Wohl Iran now effectively has political and military control of four countries: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, emboldened by the signing, and then the weak enforcement of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s Quds Force … Continue reading

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Greater Israel

“…let us not get distracted from the bull’s eye, that is from the millenary, Jewish messianic plan which had been concocted thousands of years before any oil had ever been found in the Golan Heights or the Middle East in … Continue reading

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South Carolina Moves to Censor Palestine Advocacy at Public Colleges and Universities

Palestine Legal Language aimed at censoring Palestine advocacy at South Carolina’s public colleges and universities was added to a 2018-2019 budget bill last week. If passed, the budget will codify a widely discredited re-definition of antisemitism that classifies virtually all criticism of … Continue reading

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Driver jailed for 12 years for running over pedestrian’s head in road rage attack

Daily Mail A driver jailed for deliberately running over a pedestrian he thought was holding up traffic has previously been convicted of terror offences. Shahid Ali sped off after driving over Patrick Colbert’s head and his body in his Mercedes … Continue reading

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State lawmakers eye bump stock ban

Hawaii Tribune Herald HONOLULU — Lawmakers are discussing versions of two bills that would tighten the state’s already strict gun regulations. One bill would ban bump stocks, a device used by the gunman in the Las Vegas shooting last October … Continue reading

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Waitrose to install ‘health food police’ to help customers stay away from junk food

The Telegraph – by Katie Morley Waitrose is training up shop assistants to become “health food police” who will patrol aisles and steer shoppers away from junk food. The move will be rolled out at dozens of stores across the … Continue reading

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‘Climate change’ campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio takes private jet to Coachella

The American Mirror – by Victor Skinner The United Nation’s Ambassador to Peace Leonardo DiCaprio told the world body in 2014 that “now must be our moment for action” to fight climate change. This week, DiCaprio was pictured on his … Continue reading

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The more you notice

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Company Develops Revolutionary Way to Create Leather, Wood, and Bricks from Mushrooms

Waking Times – by Phillip Schneider In a world where the average person consumes more resources than could possibly be regenerated in their lifetime, it’s no surprise to hear that our quickening resource consumption is resulting in a slow-motion collapse … Continue reading

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Dick’s Sporting Goods To Destroy Their AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifles Inventory

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown Well, I can say they are at least being consistent, though very stupid.  Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced that they will be destroying their inventory of semi-automatic rifles that they refer to as “assault … Continue reading

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Jews Force 11,000 Pro-Israel Changes to US School Textbooks

The New Observer The Jewish lobby in America has forced through more than 11,000 changes to US school textbooks issued by National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill over the past several years, it has … Continue reading

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Roger Waters condemns Syria strikes and says White Helmets lie

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Netanyahu The West should treat Iran the same way it treated Syria

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John Bolton says the USA is invading Iran in 2018

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Bill Cooper on Gun Control

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Thousands of US troops and Marines arrive in Jordan

Marine Corps Times – by Shawn Snow As tensions come to a boil in Syria over an alleged chemical attack, thousands of U.S. troops and Marines will be gathering in neighboring Jordan for the start of a major training exercise. Nearly 3,600 … Continue reading

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