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Historian finds German decree banishing Trump’s grandfather

The Guardian A historian has discovered a royal decree issued to Donald Trump’s grandfather ordering him to leave Germany and never come back. Friedrich Trump, a German, was issued with the document in February 1905, and ordered to leave the kingdom of … Continue reading

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The president clarifies

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Fed’s misconduct in Cliven Bundy case stems from Ruby Ridge

The Hill – by James Bovard Federal judge Gloria Navarro slammed the FBI and Justice Department on Monday, Jan. 8, for “outrageous” abuses and “flagrant misconduct” in the prosecution of Cliven Bundy and sons, the Nevada ranchers who spurred a high-profile standoff … Continue reading

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1937 Special Notice to all Jews

B’Man’s Revolt These brave, magnificent, bastards have your back in the times needed the most. SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL JEWS The Central Conference of American Rabbis at the 117th Annual Conference, held in New York City on June 26, 1937, declared … Continue reading

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Who Murdered 66 Million Russians!?

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Social Justice Warriors want students to wear name tags that describe their “preferred gender pronoun”

Natural News – by Ethan Huff In order to ensure that college students are completely insulated from ever having their feelings hurt, a pair of social workers believes that everyone involved with the educational system should be required to wear name tags … Continue reading

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LEAKED: New UN Boss Reveals Chilling Plot To Promote Global Mass Migration

Tea Party The United Nations has one mission above all others – to break down the borders of independent nations and mix cultures all over the planet, in order to bring all of humanity under a New World Order: a … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Iraq War Propaganda

Medium – by Matt Orfalea Things to consider before endorsing Oprah for President in 2020. Oprah is a powerful, successful, and inspiring woman but she is not a responsible leader. Not when it comes to the most serious responsibilities of … Continue reading

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Dolly Parton Caves To Pressure And Drops “Dixie” From The Title Of Her Dinner Theaters

American Outlook While she has, in the past, successfully stayed out of the political fray, Dolly Parton is now making headlines as she caves to political correctness and changes the name of her dinner theaters which were formerly titled: Dolly … Continue reading

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Kassam Blasts Sky News: Sadiq Khan’s London is a Sh*thole

Breitbart – by Oliver JJ Lane A discussion on U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments on developing nations and his decision to cancel his planned working visit to the UK in February soon turned to the failures of “shithole” London city mayor Sadiq Khan, as Breitbart … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal: Trump’s lawyer arranged $130,000 in hush money for an ex-porn star

Vox – by Andrew Prokop At the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer reportedly arranged a payment of $130,000 to a former porn star, so she’d stay silent about an alleged affair she’d had with Trump. That’s … Continue reading

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Announces $33 Million in Scholarships for 1000 Illegal Immigrants

Breitbart – by Lucas Nolan Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced that he will be donating $33 million to create college scholarships for 1,000 DREAMers — illegal immigrants brought into America by their parents. Politico reports that Bezos, the billionaire CEO of … Continue reading

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Oprah quote from 28 yrs ago

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Anti Social – A Modern Dating Horror Story

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Of course you can control your smart home with your underwear

Mashable – by Karissa Bell Just how close are you willing to get to your wearables? Smart underwear company Myant will soon find out. The company’s just opened up pre-orders for Skiin, its new line of “smart” underwear and bras, … Continue reading

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The burden (cost)

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This from actor James Woods: “Only way Democrats will survive…”

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In America, Prisoners with Money Can Pay Their Way to a Nicer Stay

AlterNet – by Kali Halloway Justice in this country has always been for the privileged. The nation’s criminal courts are particularly punitive toward those who are too poor to afford bail, represented by overworked public defenders or simply not rich enough to mount an … Continue reading

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Scamming Trump Pastor Demands One Month’s Salary From Followers

AlterNet – by Brad Reed Paula White, a prosperity gospel minister who has often served as a spiritual adviser for President Donald Trump, has regularly drawn criticism from conservative Evangelicals for preaching what they consider to be “heretical” teachings that warp the … Continue reading

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