Town Hall – by Spencer Brown

As colleges and universities across the country prepare to welcome students back to campus, administrators are working to prevent outbreaks of the Wuhan coronavirus through a range of means. One college in Buckhannon, West Virginia, has come up with a plan to charge students who can’t prove they’ve been vaccinated before arriving on campus, rather than requiring vaccination to attend fall classes in-person.    Continue reading “College Punishes the Unvaccinated, But Not By Denying Them Admission or Subjecting Them to Daily Testing”


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — More than a year before Anthony Warner detonated a bomb in downtown Nashville on Christmas, officers visited his home after his girlfriend told police that he was building bombs in an RV trailer at his residence, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. But they were unable to make contact with him, or see inside his RV.

Officers were called to Pamela Perry’s home in Nashville on Aug. 21, 2019, after getting a report from her attorney that she was making suicidal threats while sitting on her front porch with firearms, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Tuesday in an emailed statement. A police report said Raymond Throckmorton, the attorney, told officers that day that he also represented Warner.  Continue reading “Nashville Christmas bomber’s girlfriend warned he was building explosives”

In the 1776 the United States was at war with the British Empire, which was considered the greatest military force on the planet at the time.  The British soldier was armed with the smooth bore flintlock musket known as the Brown Bess.  These rifles were incredibly inaccurate, which is why the European armies had taken up the practice of fighting in open fields and in rank and file.  The two armies would simply march up to one another and fire aimlessly.  The British were well disciplined and would probably have defeated the Colonials had our forefathers played by the rules.  Fortunately for us they did not.

One of the deciding factors in the Revolutionary War was the American woodsman’s use of the Kentucky Riffle.  It was longer than the standard musket and had riffling in the barrel, which is to say that the barrel was grooved in a twist.  Continue reading “The Kalashnikov AK-47 – Feared by Tyrants around the World”