4 thoughts on “Criticism

  1. I love Hitler….


    In fact I’d suk his dick..

    Instead of a Jew.

    I mean… Germans make great food and fkng cheesecake ….and pastries.

    Goddamint fkng delicious.

    So until you Jews can cook up decent food.

    You can suck my falafel.

  2. And the moral of the story is….

    One Finds it most tasking.

    To conquer a Country with shitty cultural food.

    I mean…

    That’s why India hasn’t taken over our country.

    To prove it…. fine…. be that way.

    That’s why you can’t get a curry rice bowl at Taco Bell.

  3. No difference? But there is a difference–the Germans only had the nonsense of “Mein Kampf”, while the Jews have truly the most evil book ever written–the Talmud. And, oh yeah, the Synagogue of Satan. The world’s inability to rightfully deal with the Talmud–and Talmudic Jewry (as opposed to regular secular Jews, who buy into the Israel shtick but not the Talmud)–that leads so many into buying into the “anti-semitic” BS. I thank God that I finally woke up to the evils of the Talmud and Talmudic Jewry and Israel, the Synagogue of Satan.

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