-the deceased lawyer, his brother, and father were involved with a “charitable organization”, so here is a link to an article about that…
He was involved with other things, but this one related to the fracking industry seems more likely to be more probable, to me.

Daily Item

SUNBURY — Valley residents were in shock and saddened to learn that city attorney Michael Apfelbaum, his wife and father-in-law were killed Monday when the single-engine airplane Apfelbaum was piloting crashed about six miles from an airport in Greensboro, N.C.

Lewisburg residents Michael and Christy Apfelbaum, and Christy’s father, Clarence “Mike” Imgrund, were returning to Pennsylvania after a trip to Sarasota, Fla., and were scheduled to make a stop at Piedmont Triad International Airport, in Greensboro, N.C., when the accident occurred.   Continue reading “Region mourns loss of ‘a friend’”

Penn Live – by Eric Veronikis

CARROLL TOWNSHIP – Susquehanna Township Police Sgt. Ronald Reinhart Jr. and his wife kept to themselves, neighbors said.

So much so, neighbors of several years didn’t even know their names. They just knew the couple had “a lot of dogs.”

Still, the unfamiliarity didn’t soften the blow of finding out Reinhart, 41, took his life during a standoff with police, who tried to serve him with an arrest warrant on Monday afternoon.   Continue reading “Neighbors shocked Susquehanna Twp. officer killed himself during standoff”

PennLive – by Christian Alexandersen

Republican and Democratic lawmakers from Pennsylvania are planning to participate in a one-week tour of Israel despite the General Assembly being in the middle of a budget impasse.

The educational trip provides lawmakers the opportunity to learn about Israel and exchange ideas on a variety of topics including agriculture, homeland security, economic development and aging services.   Continue reading “Pa. lawmakers attending one-week Israel trip despite budget impasse”

Penn Live – by Christine Vendel

HARRISBURG – The raid of former Harrisburg Mayor Steve Reed’s home on Tuesday got the city buzzing about the status of an investigation into the city’s financial dealings.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office is conducting an extensive investigation into various aspects of Harrisburg’s city governance under Reed, the mayor from 1982 through 2009.   Continue reading “Raid of former Harrisburg mayor’s home: 5 things we know and 5 things we don’t”

Mearkle pig roast2.jpgPenn Live – by Barbara Miller

A Hummelstown tavern is coming under fire for agreeing to host a fundraising pig roast to benefitLisa Mearkle, the police officer charged in the Feb. 2 shooting death of a South Hanover Township man.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s a slap in the family’s face,” said Connie Condran of Hummelstown, one of the commenters on Chick’s Hummelstown Tavern’s Facebook page regarding the Aug. 2 benefit planned by Hunt for Justice.   Continue reading “Hummelstown tavern to hold pig roast to benefit Officer Lisa Mearkle, charged in fatal shooting”

Reuters / NASA / Ron Garan / Handout RT

US space tourism firm Space Adventures is offering a spaceflight around the moon to private tourists on “proven” Russian Soyuz spacecraft – saying that the sponsors will not have to wait for long for their trip.

Space Adventures has posted a statement describing its ‘Circumlunar’ mission on its website.   Continue reading “Space tourism firm offers flight around the moon on Soyuz crafts”

Tod Robert Edwards Obituary

PennLive – by John Luciew

A 51-year-old Camp Hill man, described as a summer resident of the upstate island region of New York, has been identified as the victim of a weekend DUI accident that took his life, according to New York media reports.

Stations 7News and Fox28 are reporting that Tod Edwards of Camp Hill, was operating a utility task vehicle (UTV) on Grindstone Island over the weekend when it was struck by a pickup truck driven by Shannon McEwen, 38, of Kingston, Ontario.   Continue reading “Another banker pushing up daisies”

Eric Cantor, shown in Washington in 2013, stunned observers by losing his seat to a Tea Party challeHaaretz

U.S. politicians and political commentators were reeling Wednesday after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the most senior Jewish official in government, stunned observers by losing his seat to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat, an economics professor at a military academy, in Tuesday’s Republican primary to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

“The dream of a Jewish Republican speaker of the House is no more,” wrote Politico’s Alexander Burns. “[F]or Jewish Republicans, Cantor is a singular figure, the only Jewish member of the House majority and the lone Jewish leader in a party that has strenuously courted the community in recent presidential elections, to little avail.”   Continue reading “‘Tea Party has taken control of the Republican Party’”

"Forty-five minute wait? Rats! I should have made reservations." Photo by Flickr user Rebecca Lai

PBS News Hour – by Rebecca Jacobson

We bemoan our decisions when we get a bad deal or miss out. New research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience this week finds that regret may not be just a human emotion. It turns out rats also experience regret.

Researcher David Redish at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis set up a “restaurant row” for his lab rats. The “restaurants” consisted of four stops where the rat could receive one option of his favorite flavor foods — banana, cherry, chocolate and a fourth unflavored food. The rat stops at the entrance and presses a button, which made a sound. The pitch indicated how long the rat needed to wait for food, anywhere from one to 45 seconds. If the rat was impatient, it could walk to the next stop and try again. However, each rat had an hour to get through the course, so it needed to be efficient.   Continue reading “Rats regret their decisions, study finds”



US President Barack Obama launched a heart-felt lament that gun attacks were “becoming the norm” after a gunman shot and killed a student at an Oregon high school on Tuesday, the latest in a spate of US shootings.

The gunman, said to be another student armed with a rifle, also died in the incident at Reynolds High School in the northwestern US state, taking his own life according to media reports.   Continue reading “Obama fears shootings are ‘becoming the norm’ after new school attack”