Backpacks Banned From Kentucky Derby

Published on Apr 24, 2013 by AssociatedPress

Police in Louisville are banning items including backpacks and duffel bags from this year’s Kentucky Derby. Security for the May 4th horse race is being addressed, following the Boston bombing. (April 24)

15 thoughts on “Backpacks Banned From Kentucky Derby

  1. The government media finds the lowest and dumbest people on Earth to interview and then say, “Oh yea, see? Everyone is ok with giving up freedom in order to increase security to keep us safer.”

    These people need to go crawl under a rock somewhere. It amazes me how they always only interview people who are FOR increased security and not those how are AGAINST increase security. And no one says a thing. Government propaganda at its best.

    So now we can’t carry duffel bags or backpacks anywhere. HAHAHAAHAAHA!!!! Our government is so pathetic and the sheeple that go along with them are even worse. How about we have a separate place where the government and the sheeple can go and cower in fear, while us patriots and freedom loving people can go and enjoy the show somewhere else. How about that? Ever think of that? NOPE! Gotta have everyone under ONE control. Totalitarianism at its best. So sad.

    1. Hey NC, remember the mayberry show with the LOADED GOAT now what if the “terrorizers” load them horses with dynamite,like ol barney says KABLOOY- LOL

  2. Don’t worry about those bales of hay with all those wires & cell phones attached or those bags of feed with alarm clocks. Some strange looking dude with a bulky vest marked “FBI”…..Idiots.

  3. The Midstate Fair in Paso Robles, CA has been checking purses and bags for the past 3 years if not more. It’s a requirement or you won’t be let in even if you have a ticket.

    . . .

      1. Yea really….I haven’t even heard much on TSA lately. What’s up with that? Is the government trying to keep a low profile or trying to tone down their bad image or something? Sorry but the government media will have to realize that WE THE PEOPLE don’t forget nor forgive that easily. May TSA burn in Hell!

        1. Yep NC, like they say forget the past and the past is doomed to repeat itself. Us guys do remember the past to live for today to plan for the future and we do not forgive what they have created. 🙂

      2. They just may do that Diggerdan … who knows. It’s always something new every frickin’ day.

        . . .

  4. Cathleen ,they have been doing the snoopy thing everywhere for years,this is an out right BAN on bringing any carry around stuff into the race.BE SCARED SHEEPLE BE VERY SCARED as FEAR is the mind killer.and they want your minds and money

    1. They have stolen everything we have and many of our people have been put out on the street where lives are kept in a backpack. I guess they just granted themselves probable cause to search any homeless person’s ‘home’ without warrant. It is for our safety, don’t you know.

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