Barack Hussein Obama Only Has Whatever Power You Think He Has

Freedom Outpost – by David Risselada

Over the past few years, several authors have taken up the mantle writing articles exposing the connection between Saul Alinsky and Barack Hussein Obama. As a community organizer, Obama was schooled in the “Alinsky” method, and as we all know, Saul Alinsky authored a book that might as well be considered the golden rule book of the left, “Rules for Radicals.” The Alinsky method of community organizing, which is a gentler way of saying communist agitating, was based on the idea of creating hate and discontent in order to create a power base in which to push a socialist agenda (Think Occupy Wall Street). Barack is well schooled in this method, as his entire presidency has been referred to by many commentators as one continuous campaign. President Obama has been the master of creating discontent among his base as his entire presidency revolves around accusing white Republicans of being racist, greedy and wanting to push grandma off a cliff. In his recent interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Riley, he even went so far as blaming Fox News for his low popularity ratings. If only they would stop bringing up those scandals everyone would love him, right?  

Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, employs Alinsky’s method almost perfectly, and this was demonstrated quite well in his recent State of The Union address. We heard a lot of the same mumbo jumbo, and it was even reported by alternative media outlets that a great deal of that speech was actually plagiarized. Apparently, parts of it were originally George Bush’s speech from 2007.

Most notable, however, was his usual rabble rousing and his threats of executive action should congress not go along with his agenda. President Obama has been the king of executive orders. It has been mentioned that he has signed nearly two hundred that essentially give him control over the whole country in the event of an “emergency.” Not really folks; the only power the president has is power you allow him to have. Any law that goes against the constitution is null and void, and we have no moral or legal obligation to comply. Therein rests the heart of the issue. As long as people believe he is within his constitutional authority to rule by executive fiat, he will. Here is where Alinsky comes in; there are a few tactics from “Rules for Radicals” that apply here.

#1. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

#3. Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy, here you want to cause confusion, fear and retreat.

# 8. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions; utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

Again, as long as a liberal school system continues indoctrinating people into Marxist dogma, the first rule of power tactics will always be a viable threat. People are literally being conditioned to accept dictatorship, and as long as they believe Obama can rule by decree, he will. The Republicans, for all practical purposes, have no idea how to counter this president as he is a master of keeping the pressure on and taking advantage of any window in which he can act.

The very fact that the president continues to drive on with this unpopular agenda, amid rapidly dropping poll numbers, is enough to cause confusion and create the illusion of mass support. Also, the way in which the main stream media has deified him ensures that any opposition will rapidly retreat in the face of an all-out media assault, especially when you consider how much the Republican Party longs for media admiration. Of course, the humiliation tactic is a factor here as well.

Finally, a tactic that many may not see is the method in which Obama sees what he can get away with. The more “executive actions” you allow him to implement, the more emboldened he will become. This is where he will play on the emotions of those who support his agenda, and what started out as a simple executive order to raise the minimum wage among federal workers, will turn into a full blown attempt to order the “Alphabet agencies” to engage in gun confiscation, as long as you allow it.

The only way this can happen is if you voluntarily surrender your rights. They know this too; that is why the effort at indoctrination is so prevalent and obvious. They need to train you to be obedient to their socialist agenda; if you know about the constitution and your “natural rights” there is virtually no way you would go along with it, unless of course you already are a liberal.

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One thought on “Barack Hussein Obama Only Has Whatever Power You Think He Has

  1. This is a very good article about B.H.O.,the phoney baloney president sitting in the White House right now.It is very true that all these executive orders Obama is passing are not constitutional,then that makes them null and void,simple as that.They can’t enforce these laws except by force,which would be unconstitutional also.Well,if that’s the case,it appears we have hardcore criminals running the Federal government.Why can’t the average voter see what’s going on today,and has been for many years?

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