Barack Obama blames United States guns for the violence in Mexico

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Barack Obama was in Mexico today and he claimed that most of the guns that are used in crimes in Mexico come from the United States. My first thought when I heard that statement, which can be heard here, is where have I heard this before because it sounds very familiar. It did not take me long to remember: The year was 2009 and it was Hillary Clinton who stated that America’s “insatiable demand for illegal drugs” and our “inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border” was partially responsible for the gun violence in Mexico.  

She claimed that 90% of the weapons recovered at the scenes of violent crimes in America could be traced back to American gun dealers. It did not take long for that number to be proven to be a lie, so the Obama regime began implementing a program to prove the lie. That program was known as Fast and Furious. The United States government forced gun dealers at the border to sell weapons to known Mexican drug lords in the hope that the weapons would be recovered at violent crime scenes.

That plan went awry when, in addition to the hundreds of murdered Mexicans, Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata were murdered with weapons the Obama regime sold to Mexican criminals.

That is the point when I realized that technically Barack Obama is right, there is some blame to be placed on America for the gun violence in Mexico. But Barack Obama was using this speech to push gun control on law abiding citizens in America instead of focusing the blame where it should be placed–on Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and possibly on Barack Obama himself.

After all, Eric Holder admitted that the 2000 plus guns sold to Mexican criminals under Fast and Furious would turn up at crime scenes for years to come, but now that he has been proven right Barack Obama has no interest in getting to the bottom of the Fast and Furious scandal because he is only interesting in usurping the second amendment rights of law abiding American citizens. It must be remembered at this point that when Darrell Issa’s investigation was closing in on Eric Holder, and held him in Contempt of the Congress, Barack Obama sealed the recordsusing Executive Privilege and for all intents and purposes shut the door on the truth.

My second thought after hearing what Barack Obama said today in Mexico was this guy has some balls blaming America for his own policies but then I remembered the propaganda arm of the Obama regime, otherwise known as the mainstream media, provided Barack Obama with cover by refusing to report on this scandal so it is no wonder he felt emboldened to once again drag out a lie about who was providing Mexico with the weapons.

It is like Fast and Furious never happened but Barack Obama inadvertently refocused the debate back onto the scandal if only the Republicans have the guts to take another look at Fast and Furious. However at this point the Republicans are no better than the Democrats and if we ever want to get to the bottom of this scandal it will be because the American people decided to vote for a third party, and that party should be the New Federalist Party.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama blames United States guns for the violence in Mexico

  1. As a child, when I lied my Dad beat me. When will “Dad” (God) take these corrupt people to the wood shed?
    Obama(s), Clinton(s), Holder, GOP, Democrats, Masons, Illuminati (I think that covers them all), they ALL have a hell of a day coming to them.
    I will not be happy to see them perish (on Judgement Day, unless they repent), but I will smile from ear to ear knowing that True Justice has finally come.

  2. “Barack Obama blames United States guns for the violence in Mexico”… no sh*t Sherlock… when the U.S. Government supplies guns to Mexico, and the guns are being used for violence, then guess who is to blame for the violence? The answer is so simple that even a child can figure it out. Thanks for stating the obvious.

  3. I never met a little kid who said “I want to grow up and become a drug addict.” How is this “insatiable” demand created? Recently in my state the newly created supposedly private medicinal marijuana dispensaries were closed for a day due to a glitch in the state’s computers. A couple months prior to that news reports were saying how the state’s new medicinal marijuana was somehow getting out to the streets. I think they call that viral marketing? Yet despite our laws legalizing some drug (for state profit) the laws are still exceptionally punitive (again for state profit.) The state giveth and the state taketh away. Lives destroyed for the almighty dollar.

  4. “If you were bitten by a mad infected dog, who will you blame? The dog or its owner? Definitely the owner, so, all the blame is on the USA Government’s shoulders for adopting and supporting a state like Israel” -Robert DeNiro

    The same thing needs to be said about the USA supplying military grade weapons to the Mexico Drug Lords. Eventually our Government’s mentally challenged actions will come back to bite us all in the ass.

    Obama is quite the hypocrite to be pointing the finger at everyone else, and attempting to distance himself from blame for Fast and Furious. This was perpetrated on his watch, period.

  5. The gall of this “man” to say such things after the Fast and Furious debacle is unbelievable.

  6. The “True Colors” of Barack Hussein Obama came gushing into public view as he seethed about the defeat of his cherished gun-control. His carefully concealed Racist Bigotry against all things White Christian Male ( ‘They cling to guns or religion’) was “in your face”. His long planned “trophy” for his Spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright crashed to the floor, and all these years of carefully concealed hatred burst forth in his face and words.

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