47% of Americans agree: armed revolt will not be necessary

Libertarian Republican – by Clifford F. Thies 

According to a recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University of New Jersey, 47 percent of Americans agree that an armed revolt will not be necessary to preserve our liberties.

52 percent give some credence to the proposition that an armed revolt may be necessary, either agreeing with the proposition, being “unsure” about it, or “neither agreeing nor disagreeing.” The remaining 1 percent refused to answer (perhaps because they didn’t want to be placed on a government watch list.   

Source: TPM

Notice how much ammo is being bought by the Department of Homeland Security?


6 thoughts on “47% of Americans agree: armed revolt will not be necessary

  1. 47% of Americans are in the sheeple twilight zone. Tyranny, as pervasive and embedded as that in this country, NEVER ends without a fight. If it there is a historical precedent that parallels our circumstances, please fill me in.

    The poll should have been conducted on those of us who are wide awake, then it would have said “89% of the awakened, feel a revolution will be necessary to restore the Republic.”

    @ #1 – take a lot of zinc for your cold, dude and happy Bday from NE FL, formerly from SoCal.

    1. Thanks JM, this cold has really been kicking my @ss the last couple of days. I didn’t get up until noon again today, which is why I’m so far behind on my posting.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Hahahahahahaha,.. this is great.

    “47% say armed revolt not necassary.”

    Ok,….. this means 53% does think its necassary!

    Whew!,…. since it only takes 5% to intiate and win,.. this gives us a 48% reserve!

    Thats over 900% more than is actually needed,… hmmm,… I like that.

    JD – US Marines – Its good to be on the winning side.

  3. Well maybe that 47% needs to just go ahead and check into their local FEMA “hotels”…….would go a long way in determining the good from the bad….cuts out a large portion of the confusion

  4. Anyone that thinks this is going to be corrected without a fight is delusional! How can anyone with half a brain think that all the ammo ,drones,cameras,weapons,armored vehicles TSA.DHS,CIA,FBI,etc be preparing for any thing peaceful? The day of reckoning is coming for the traitors at all levels of government!

    1. WHAAAAT? You mean all those things weren’t designed to ‘protect’ us from all those vicious Muslim ‘terrorists’?

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