Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor and John Boehner Discuss HR 589 for 99ers

Well apparently the meeting between Boehner, Cantor, Lee, and Scott did occur this morning, though it would seem it was a lot to do about nothing.   I have to believe that nothing of substance occurred because if it did Lee and Scott would have been shouting their own praise coming out the door. 

This view is further verified in that in calling Lee’s office I was told that her press agent was out of the office.  He had asked me to call him before I launched further attacks on Barbara Lee.  Well Joel, brace yourself for tomorrow’s article where we are going to go into just how incompetent, impotent and inept your boss is in the big bad world of politics.

99ers don’t hold your breath.  We will be going into this more in depth in tomorrow’s article.

0 thoughts on “Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor and John Boehner Discuss HR 589 for 99ers

  1. Eric Cantor is a heartless Washington wanna be rich guy. He hangs onto Boehner and Boehner hangs onto him. Too him, the United States of America stops just west of the White House. This clown should be one of the first budget cuts Washington considers.

    1. Last week a guy from Pennsylvania received a 2 year prison sentence for sending threatening letters and emails to Rep Eric Cantor and his family. In his confession he somewhat admitted to shooting bullets into Cantor’s campaign office in VA a couple of years ago. Authorities stated that this man had a history of mental problems. I read that there are a number of politicians receiving threats as well; due to pieces of legislation they’re trying to have enacted into law. Many are receiving around the clock security detail. Unfortunately in the minds of some, politics has now become a dangerous game for the players.

      1. You mean like the Military who fight for our freedoms daily on the field who are risking their lives so Cantor can hang on to his 7,000,000.00 personal bank account? The same ones who almost lost their pay, because Cantor couldn’t find it within himself to pass a fair budget for all and not just the rich? .

  2. Bonner & Company are going to block any UI extensions, from what I Googled 10 mins. ago. Same shit they did back in December.

  3. His name should be pronounced “Boner” instead because he would stick it to you every chance that he gets, especially if you are a 99er. As for the other two clowns, Lee and Scott, don’t pay too much attention to them for they are still playing in the minor league. As for Cantor, he is just so thrilled to play the exciting part of Boner’s shadow.

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