Red Pill Review: Police State 4-The Rise of FEMA

This review from our Red Pill Documentaries page covers Police State 4-The Rise of FEMA which was released in 2010. The Rise of FEMA is the latest version of the Alex Jones Police State documentaries, and centers around the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In this film Jones points out that this government agency has been building internment camps all over the United States, for purposes that include detention of U.S. citizens. The film also shows the executive orders, which allows FEMA to suspend the bill of rights and place us under martial law with no authority from Congress.
Jones jam-packs this documentary with tons of great information regarding the loss of our rights and freedoms. He also gives us government documents that show for a fact that through executive order after executive order following 911, our Bill of Rights has been completely dismantled. The fact that the film shows the government’s own documents and gives the viewers the government’s own web sites where they can research this information, makes it a must watch for anybody who still believes that our government upholds the Constitution.

Jones points to many recent incidences wherein the U.S military was used against our fellow citizens, including the disarmament of the citizens of Louisiana following hurricane Katrina. The very fact that our soldiers have busted into our homes and forcefully taken our weapons is an act of war and must not be tolerated.

Any soldier who acts out against his own people is a traitor and guilty of the worst kind of treason. Anybody who believes that following orders excuses them from wrong, needs to look into the Nuremburg Trials and see what happens to soldiers who betray the citizens of their country.

Jones also points out the use of our military to break up peaceful protests being performed by law abiding citizens. It really blows me away too see U.S. soldiers standing against their own people. Are they so brainwashed that they will follow orders to the point of attacking what they have sworn to defend? Do they not understand that the American people have the right to protest?

Perhaps we should request that our soldiers read our Constitution and Bill of Rights, so they will know what they are swearing to uphold.

3 thoughts on “Red Pill Review: Police State 4-The Rise of FEMA

  1. Great article, and excellent timing considering the impact this meeting about the 99ers will have if the outcome is’nt as humanitarian as it should be.

  2. America; this Great Land, between two mighty oceans has with stood many trials over the two centuries that it has existed. To the world it has offered a bounty of ideas, creativity, hope and assistance. In the eyes of the world we were once beloved and respected, that, however is no more. In the short and terrible time that has occurred after the horrific events of 911, our opinion upon the global stage has plummeted to never before seen lows. Centuries of effort squandered, in less than a decade.
    The good people of the United States grow ever weary of a constant diet of fear and death, yet our leaders do not hesitate to foster further aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere. The lives and livelihoods of it’s citizens diminish, while all the while Great machines of Industry and Banking feed off of them; leaching away their fortunes and freedoms. Our sworn protectors, and elected officials continuously display attitudes of indifference, or worse, aggression, to the general populace. They frequently ignore the many cries of protest that rise up to still the erosion of our rights and liberty. Those People all swore this oath.

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

    One the most amazing things in History is our Declaration of Independence. It is a birth of a new way of thinking for a Nation, unlike any other in all history. In it, it states,
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Those words go almost unnoticed today, but the truth is, Never before had a governing body even considered Happiness, to be so significant, as to include it in a document of such importance. They were sending a clear message that These United States was to be Unique among the nations of its time, and any age that preceded it.
    Few who occupy the positions of power in Washington D.C. or elsewhere in the United States seem to remember those foundational ideas that made our nation great. The Oath they swore seems to have worn away, under the burden of public office. Defense of the Constitution, however, is not an option; it is pivotal to the role they fill as sworn officials of the United States of America. Instead, the foundations of our freedoms are being ripped away, and thrown in to a shadowy realm of secrets and lies. The shining light of liberty diminishes, as fires of war grow brighter, the echoes of Happiness wane as the wails of oppression rise.
    The burden, however, to safeguard our life and liberty, can only be shouldered by those who truly understand it’s significance; the people of the United States of America. Persistence, and dedication have been hallmark traits of Americans. If we stand and move as one, none can halt our progress. If we fall, then the world will witness one of the greatest sorrows it will ever have known. The United States of America is more than just a boundary line on a map; it is a fundamental cornerstone of liberty and humanity. A place where freedom is birthright, and hope is eternal. It is an idea to precious to sell to the highest bidder, for its foundations were built on bravery, and defiance, in the face of overwhelming Tyranny.
    This is the defining time for Americans, no less important than our separation from England, and perhaps just as tumultuous. We either rise to face the shadows with the blazing light of liberty, or we will pass in to a future of fear and oppression.

  3. “Anybody who believes that following orders excuses them from wrong, needs to look into the Nuremburg Trials and see what happens to soldiers who betray the citizens of their country”

    No, they need to look at Communist Russia, where 60 million Christians were murdered.
    The (((victors))) write the history books.

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