Barry Soetoro’s Birth Certificate and Pure Propaganda

I am at present watching what has to be the most intense propaganda blitz I have ever witnessed.  These propagandists are not going to be believed because they are moving with ludicrous speed.  I watched Chris Matthews of MSNBC talking with Eugene Robbins for The Washington Post and Howard Fineman for The Huffington Post.  They looked like three crack junkies deciding who is going to go get the next bag.  It was then suggested that to doubt the authenticity of the document Barry put forth today equated to unreasonable thought. 

So old Barry the Rat was getting close to being exposed as the illegitimate son of a socialist he is and just as it was starting to come out that Barry might have had connections with the CIA prior to being elected, Ala Kazam!!  That long form birth certificate that had been so elusive for two years, over two short days just materialized.  Why shouldn’t I believe it? 

Think about it.  They throw a photo of a document onto the TV and before people have a chance to think, they blast us with propaganda designed to portray the unreasonable as completely reasonable in the  hope of winding up somewhere in the middle.

Yesterday, about 62% of Americans believed that Barry was not born here.  If their propaganda is halfway successful it might bring that number down to, oh say, 40%, which I guess is a manageable number. 

I would strongly recommend watching this Chris Matthews show, Hardball, which aired today if you want to see what hardcore propaganda looks like.  The truth is I don’t think anyone who believed yesterday that Obama was not born here does not feel the same way today.  In fact they so overacted their parts that I believe it is having the opposite effect.  Anyway, watch it if you can. 

That was a lot of flack.

Henry Shivley reporting From the Trenches

0 thoughts on “Barry Soetoro’s Birth Certificate and Pure Propaganda

  1. Oh no! The TV just said if I don’t believe that picture of that document they put up, I’m a racist.
    I guess Donald Trump learned it is bad politics to mess with the mafia.

    1. Henry, I happened to catch the Brett Baer’s show on Fox News (6pm), and it sounds like a carbon copy of the show you watched. He was talking to three panelists, who sounded like they were having multiple orgasms of relief, that the whole ” silly matter “, as the Rat puts it, has been put to rest. Now he has to move on the important problems facing our country. Like him ruining it. It was the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever seen in the fifty-something years I’ve been watching the tube. What took him so long to produce this document ? I guess it took awhile to forge, and from what I’ve been reading and hearing, they didn’t do a very good job. And they expect us to believe this bullshit ?!! You are absolutely right, Henry…….the assholes running this country think the American people are STUPID, STUPID,STUPID ! Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura in 2012 !!!

  2. When you are adopted your birh certificate is changed to the name of your new mother and father, the old one is distroyed. Barry Soetoro should be on that certificate.

  3. Am I wrong that this suddenly produced birth certificate doesn’t show the birth weight or length of the baby at birth as all birth certificates originating in the United States do? Where is the raised seal on this certificate that is on every birth certificate I’ve ever seen that is allowed to be used as proof of identity in the United States? I do have limited vision, but I don’t see either of these entries on this document.

  4. This is unbelievable, there is absolutely no way that cert. is for real. It just shows how screwed up this country is. Half the people believe it, they are the blind being led by crooks. The only way justice gets served is by exposing this lier and prosecuting him and his gang of thugs.
    They can’t even do a good job faking the cert., MY KIDS COULD DO BETTER!

  5. I was born around the same time as Obama and my original birth certificate looks very much like his does. It does not have the birthweight or length, nor is there a “raised seal”. The only thing that seems fishy to me (assuming that the “layers” are an artifact of how the electronic copy was produced, not evidence of how it was forged) was the “date accepted by local reg.” – the 1 on 1961 looks different and shows up as a different layer in Adobe illustrator. Also it is baffling why they didn’t just post a scanned copy of the original document instead of creating a fancy looking one with the green background paper added. All that did was open them up to looking foolish and give people a ton of “evidence” that it was a doctored up document.

  6. What amazes me is the quick turnover to the registrar. I looked at all my children’s birth certificates and it took at least a month for the registrar to record the form. Obama’s was done within a day of the doctor signing.

  7. I have posted the original and the layered on my facebook page so you can make the comparison. I don’t know how to post it on here.

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