99ers HR 589 Supporters, Henry Gets an Unemployment Extension

So what is new with the 99er issue?  Well, I just got a whole six week extension from the State of Oregon, thus proving that states can step in and remedy the situation that the federal government refuses to acknowledge.  I believe the State of Oregon had alternative motives for its action as crime is running rampant here; you can’t lay down a pencil in the library without someone pinching it. 

The Californians coming to Oregon to develop and sell our real estate are starting to have a little problem getting people to come here, as even in the best neighborhoods home break-ins and person to person robberies are becoming the rule rather than the exception.  Convenience stores, even in the smaller areas are being hit, not to mention the banks.

The suggestion that the 15% unemployment rate was not to blame for the increase in crime finally became ridiculous.  Now maybe when the crime rate drops for six weeks those who advocated for the six week extension can say, “See we told you so.”  And maybe, just maybe they will examine the correlation between the increase in crime and the lack of unemployment extensions throughout the country.  Then, if they care at all they can look at how much the increase in crime is costing compared to what the unemployment benefits would cost, and maybe decide that it just might be a good idea to pass some federal extensions, as it is cheaper and a lot safer.

As for my grandiose six week extension, I will take 10% of it and pay back my friends and family some the monies they have lent me to survive the past year.  10% I will use to buy as much of the basic essentials that I can; toilet paper, toothpaste, razor blades, and such.  And the final 80% will be handed over to the utility companies.  The money, though a blessing, only seems to be prolonging the potential for agony.

Though I am ready, willing, and able I don’t see the prospects of getting a job in the next six weeks as any better than those of the past six weeks. 

The only hope I hold is that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura reach the White House and start correcting the situation that has us in this downward spiral.  I will take tough times; all I need is a promise of hope.  If we can just get to work undoing the damage that has been done it is not impossible that we might see our Republic functioning once again under our Constitution. 

However, I will make it perfectly clear; I believe our enemies are going to insist on being pacified through war before that is going to happen.  I don’t know how everybody else feels about it, but if there is to be a fight I would just as soon get it over with so that if I survive, I can start living again.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Congratulations Henry this is still good news! At least it’s something that will make things a tiny bit more bearable. Here in NJ, Governor Christie signed an extension as well, I hope I get it soon. I believe it is for 20 weeks but anything will do.
    What do you think of yesterday’s unveiling of President Obama’s birth certificate?
    I am reading up on The French Revolution, The American Revolution and The Civil War. I see many parallels. When I finish I will offer my opinion, but so far I know that we are in danger of going backwards in historical terms. Danger! Danger! Danger!

  2. Good Morning Henry.. I too have received the extension this week for 6 weeks.. And you are correct crime will go down a little, not much but a little. Oregon has gave us a blessing, I feel they know whats at stake or there just not prepared yet.. Not everyone in this state will be able to collect the full 6 weeks. We have a certain amount that was passed, once that runs out were done. Bottom line! everyone should be getting this EXT! not just us.

  3. As I stated several months ago our individual state governments have emergency funds that can be tapped into to cover the cost of extended unemployment benefits without the prior approval at a federal level (Congress). While we’ve been spinning our wheels and waiting on our saviors Barbara Lee & Bobby Scott, The American 99ers Union and Debbie Stabenow, etc., to get HR 589 and/or a Tier 5 legislation passed for 99ers (great if it happens) we should have been pressing our local state government officials to pass this legislation a long time ago. Like Oregon has done. I’ve also read that Missouri and NJ are also geared up to pass similar extensions as well.

    I spoke with Rep Eleanor Holmes-Norton’s DC office about this today and was told that yes each state government has the emergency funds available to do so. But if the people in that state don’t demand that the funds be used as it was alloted then the state will just sit on the money and do nothing while telling us that the decision and power rests in the hands of Congress. Unfortunately we’ve been lead astray. It seems we’ve been supporting mere grandstanding on the part of those who knew the real deal and how this all works. Its time to chart another course.

  4. We have not recieved an extension here in California.
    I dont know what the crime rate is here, although I now that it has always been high even when things were good.
    I am contemplating selling lselling my so that I can have money to start selling drugs.
    I know a whole lot of sucessfull drug dealers and gang members
    I was a proffesional for 20 years until the government went into complete utter corruption and is now controlled by the elite corporations through campaign monies and threats and what not.

  5. Nothing here in WI either. Matter of fact more unemployed to become 99ers at the end of this month in WI.

    Made more calls/emails again to my officials today and natta for replies.

  6. It is not for 99ers. It just allows to make more 99er rather than 79ers. It does not add weeks it just allows more unemployed to get 99 weeks. Only the feds can extend 99 weeks and they won’t. If they extend it by 20 weeks will 99ers find jobs then, probably not. So why throw good money at lost causes (even though it wasn’t 99ers fault).

    It’s kind of like why root for the football team that is 3-15. They ain’t gonna make the playoffs so why but their jersey.

    99ers need an extension just to keep their head above water and it would be really nice for the government to give an extension, but the government is not nice.

    1. So instead they give trillions of dollars in welfare to the filthy rich. Then the filthy rich hoard it and screw the taxpayer. Basically leaving the poor starving in the streets.

      1. Power in numbers? Why has 99 been chosen as the maximum number of weeks for receiving unemployment extensions by our government? What does this number signify? Why is it so difficult to get legislation passed beyond it? I wonder.
        99/3 = 1/3 = 33
        33+33+33 = 99
        3+3=6, 3+3=6, 3+3=6 = 666
        freemasonry/secret society = 33 degree (highest level)
        rich, middle class, poor = 3 segments of America’s population
        1/3 of population eliminated (middle class?) = 33
        2/3 of population remains (rich and poor?) = 66
        66 turned upright = 99…..

  7. Congratulations Henry and everyone else who received an extension, that’s great news! I am curious what crime is like in other areas with all the layoffs. I imagine most areas have increased crime. It’s too bad that is the deciding factor, it is just what’s right.

  8. Do anyone knows anything about us here in Florida…..what is going on with our “Wonderful Governor” ???????? We are dying here too and he does not care one cent. Down with all these no good for nothing politics in Florida.

  9. I’m glad for you and your family, Henry ! The Gov. of NC, Bev Purdue, vetoed a bill last week to extend UI benefits, saying that it would cut 13% into her state spending plans, and any move to to do so would be considered EXTORTION by her ! Needless to say, she won’t be serving another term as Governor in this state, as there are 400,000 people unemployed in NC. The Democans are fighting the Repulicrats to get this Bill passed, so I’m hoping for the best. Fingers crossed.

  10. Congratulations to all the 99ers and their families that got an extension. Hope states nation wide start to acknowledge us.

    1. Article misrepresents the true unemployment rate by a huge margin. It is trying to say that it’s only 8.9% to 9.0%. Pathetically incorrect, actual unemployment rate is more like 25%. To put things into perspective only 46% of America’s population is employed.

      1. Hi Mark,
        Although I do agree with some of the other points of the article,
        such as U.I. extensions will boost the economy. Your absolutely
        correct about those figures quoted in the article being grossly incorrect.
        Thank you for pointing this out for the benefit of the other readers.

  11. A BILL on the governor’s desk would extend unemployment benefits for jobless workers. We urge Governor Christie to sign it into law.

    The legislation, S-2680, passed unanimously in the state Senate in February and swept the Assembly in mid-March, with all 78 members present voting for it.

    A well-functioning democracy thrives on a robust give-and-take between political parties, but there are times when bipartisan consensus is good. This is one, and it speaks volumes about the employment situation.

    The state jobless rate hit 9 percent in May 2009 and kept going, shooting up to 9.8 percent in January 2010 and then gradually heading downward to the current 9.2 percent. Hundreds of thousands of workers have lost jobs, and have hunted desperately for work for months on end. When their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits run out, that’s it. They have zero money coming in, with the same bills and, most likely, mounting debt. And still no job.

    The new legislation, if signed, would take advantage of a federal law passed last year to allow states to widen the criteria for implementing extended unemployment benefits. Rather than measuring the current unemployment rate against the average unemployment rate for the same three-month period over the past two years, which used to be the law, it extends the timeframe to include a third year. That works well for New Jersey.

    The most recent unemployment rate must be at least 110 percent of one of the past rates. Iffy when using the old formula, but easily done if including the 2008 unemployment figures of 4.2 percent to 6 percent.

    A second requirement — that the unemployment rate measure 6.5 percent to 8 percent or higher — is easily met. Which means that in New Jersey, approximately 100,000 job seekers will get up to 20 more weeks of unemployment insurance. That’s a bit under one-third of all residents collecting unemployment insurance. Best of all, our state budget remains untouched. The federal government picks up the tab through the end of the year.

    Spending months or years on the unemployment line is a grueling, self-esteem-killing process. For many, the longer they are out of work the more difficult it is to land a job. And it did nothing to help the situation when Congress, in a cruel political dance last year that toyed with the lives of vulnerable Americans, twice voted to terminate unemployment benefits only to turn around later and pass the extensions.

    The great majority of longtime jobless workers are not shirkers who prefer collecting unemployment checks to going on job interviews. Many will take any work they can find. When times are better, job seekers can afford to be more selective and often are. That approach is good for everyone in the long run, because a position that matches a worker’s skills often pays more. That means a better living for the individual and higher taxes for the government. But that’s not the case now.

    Unemployment checks are still a good economic stimulus, though, because recipients spend the money immediately on necessities like groceries and gas.

  12. I guss something is better than nothing. The 99ers have no hope in washington .The goverment said they have no money.QE2 WILL END IN JUNE.WILL THEIR BE A QE3.BUT THE GOVERMENT HAS NO MONEY.Lesten we are in this mess because our goverment screw up with the bills they sign.These bills put america in a unfair playing field.Big tax breaks for companies that took their jobs overseas did not help.Both parties are at falt.Theirs only a few people that make these bills ,but these bills can screw up millions.If they don’t put america frist in the bills they pass than america as we know is gone.For us and our kids and their kids.MAYBE WE HAVE TO BE ANOTHER EGYPT TO GET THEIR EARS.AMERICA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND ITS A SHAME WE LET A FEW PEOPLE MESS IT UP.

  13. Henry, that is wonderful news. I know its not much but I am really excited that you were able to get something. I am in New Jersey and I called my local unemployment office to find out if the bill Chris Christie signed helps me out (99er), and they claimed to have no idea of what I was speaking about.

  14. Henry that is great news. I am happy for the ones who received 6 more weeks but I think it is a shame that you didn’t get 20 weeks. They are only throwing you crumbs making us look like beggers. I will be so glad when we get strong enough to really make a difference. If it wasn’t for knowing that we are going to prevail I would probably just give up as a lot of Americans have already done. This just makes me want to fight more. Hang in there guys, my prayers are with you all.

  15. Hello Henry:

    I am also in New Jersey and a 99er. Are you telling me that our governor signed the extension for the 99ers on April 28, 2011? Did you have to call the unemployment office to request the extension or are they sending it automatictly to those who qualify?

    1. Sabrina,
      I’m sorry but I do not live in New Jersey. I live in Oregon and yes I did have to call in, though they did send me a notice in the mail. It was another commenter, Mary Lost, who was talking about New Jersey. Perhaps she will come on and give you a better explaination.

  16. After i posted about NJ bill,I looked around at most of the sites that i found and it seems there is not one thing for NJ 99ers….It only for people that are still on unemployment …If any one finds out what is really going on for the 99ers in NJ please post it…

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