Ben Carson Is Asked How He Would Fight The Islamic State

(Fox News)The Blaze – by Jason Howerton

Dr. Ben Carson, a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said on Monday that now is the time to “crush” the Islamic State while they are still in their “adolescent stage,” adding that he would use “every resource available” if he were president of the United States.

Appearing on Fox News, Carson said everyone in Washington, D.C., sees themselves as “Democrats and Republicans instead of Americans.” In Washington, he said, “everything is aimed at enhancing one’s political position rather than strengthening the nation.”  

Then then went on to address the Islamic State terrorist group and how he would go about destroying them.

“They’re extremely sophisticated and they have tentacles that are growing throughout the world. They’re still in their adolescent stage and this is the time when we can crush them,” Carson told Fox News. “But if we allow them to mature into a full-grown tree, with deep roots and thick branches, it’s going to be almost impossible. We need to do it now.”

He also quoted Winston Churchill: “Fight your enemy while you can beat them.”

He continued: “I would use every resource available: military, banking, sanctions, you name it. And I would not hesitate to put boots on the ground. We need to be the leaders. The coalition will form if it has a leader. But you can’t sit around saying, ‘Oh, you guys do this.’ … This is serious. So I would commit everything to eliminating them right now.”

“We also have to make sure that our military, which is extremely talented with very good leadership, is not put in a compromised position, where we’re trying to micromanage them. We have people trying to manage the military who know nothing about the military, who know nothing about military strategy,” Carson concluded.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

6 thoughts on “Ben Carson Is Asked How He Would Fight The Islamic State

  1. And what do you do Mr. Carson when you find that ISIS is a creation of the government that you are not the president of and the military intelligence community that answers to you? Or, maybe you already know this and are just another figurehead puppet posing as someone with potential power to lead a nation. If you are just another puppet then I’m sure you will soon be sitting in the oval office, if not I’m sure some scandal will arise and you’ll drop from the race.

      1. Not long ago I stopped mentioning such thoughts as it became obvious I was merely preaching to the choir.

        The haters will hate and continue with their gov groveling whereas the wiser people already know that Israel has no fear of ISIS.

        ISIS spreads to…Italy now?

        They skipped Israel, never a threat word mentioned about them.

        Pathetic; yes indeed.

  2. Maybe Ben should do something really constructive like get rid of the Mossad and the CIA. Maybe, just maybe, then someone would listen then.

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