Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

Campus Reform – by Celine Ryan

A man who identifies himself as an instructor at the University of California-Berkeley publicly proclaimed Wednesday that Americans who live in rural areas are “bad people” who deserve “uncomfortable” lives.

Jackson Kernion, who describes himself as a Graduate Student Instructor at Berkeley, having taught at least 11 philosophy courses at the university since 2013, took to Twitter Wednesday to explain the academic reasoning behind his distaste for people from rural America, calling those who live in rural areas “bad people who have made bad life decisions.” 

Kernion began the thread by advocating against affordable healthcare solutions in rural America, saying that “Rural Healthcare Should be expensive! And that expense should be borne by those who choose rural America!”

He argued that promoting a need for “affordable rural healthcare” is equivalent to arguing for rural Americans “to be subsidized by those who choose a more efficient way of life.”

“Same goes for rural broadband. And gas taxes,” Kernion added.

“It should be uncomfortable to live in rural America. It should be uncomfortable to not move,” he wrote.

Kernion tried to justify his statements with economic arguments about not making rural life “*artificially* cheaper,” but quickly devolved into personal attacks against rural and not “pro-city” Americans.

“I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume are good people. But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

After receiving backlash for his comments, Kernion issued a pseudo-apology for the “tone” of his tweet.

“Pretty sure I did a bad tweet here. Gonna delete it,” he wrote. “I’ll want to reflect on it more later, but my tone is way crasser and meaner than I like to think I am.”

Campus Reform reached out to both Kernion and Berkeley for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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27 thoughts on “Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

  1. You sir are looking for a bullet. You are not only an American traitor but have a death wish as well. What fkg rock do pieces of shit like you crawl out from?

    Seriously? You going to waste my oxygen with gut waste like this? Fkg human trash…

    Never have I heard shit like this before, you Joo trash Kike…

  2. Then why in the f-k do you shit hole city dwellers, with your arrogant f-king mouths that you have to pay mercenaries to back up, keep coming to where we are to destroy our culture and way of life?
    We don’t need your f-king medicine or your commie healthcare, just get all the third world trash you have pumped into our country the f-k out, and give us our 22 trillion stolen dollars back and stay in your f-king city, and you don’t even have to know we exist.
    It is dumbfounding for anyone from a filthy f-king city who couldn’t take a shit without a bidet would think they could have the credentials to judge a true human being when they are so spineless and pathetic they couldn’t roll one of us over if we were dead.
    F-k off, fagot and mano y mano out here in the rural area, I’ll tell that to your face and you will turn around and run up the sidewalk away from me because you have no balls and only a pretense of knowledge on a piece of paper signed by another worthless prick like yourself.

    1. Yeah, and all the billionaires get out sacred woods. Damn them!!!

      This guy (mutant) is a full-on lackey for agenda 21/30.

      The woods is us. The woods is life. The woods is SURVIVAL.


    2. Well said Henry they have no idea what they are messing with. If we threaten them that is too bad. We are not wimps and we don’t have to take this insidious and treasonous bs. Don’t know why they keep messing with us but i’ll be going on the war path before I live in some commie sh@#hole city which needs to be rightly reclaimed by the american nationals.


  4. This is all one needs to know about this guy to know why & how he could make such a statement.

    (A.B., cum laude, Philosophy, Harvard, 2012) Jackson is primarily interested in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and philosophy of science. He’s currently writing a dissertation on the concept of conscious experience, arguing for a certain kind of a priori functional constraint on experience. When not philosophizing, he likes to go hiking and keep up a coding hobby.

    1. Of course, Katie, you saw his photo on that website. If he’s so “pro-city” why is the background beautiful mountains instead of an urban ghetto?

      And where does he do all the hiking he’s so fond of? Do you think he hikes through east L.A., or does he find a rural retreat?

      And it never dawns on the idiot that most of the “bad people” who live in rural areas were born there, rather than having made any “bad life decisions”.

      Just another arrogant, pseudo-intellectual liberal hypocrite who wouldn’t sound half as stupid if he kept his mouth shut.

      I’ll have to remember to shoot him an e-mail:

      Someone has to tell him he’s a moron before he opens his trap again.

  5. It would be interesting to know just how many idiots fall for this new divide and conquer nonsense….I know, I know….”Hey Boomer” is now “Hey Country Quack” or something. Gee I wonder what the next divide and conquer meme will be–tall vs. short? Fat vs. thin? Cigarette smoker vs. vaper? Blue eyes vs. Brown eyes?

  6. As a rural american, i wear that accusation as a badge of honor. For this faggy commie tart i am a bad person. Id drag them out to a deserted route and play pig squeel noises while i post the video to my social media accounts. Jk dont have them.
    Id rather be a bad person than a city tart who couldn’t kick the shit out of a diaper.

    1. Ps.
      I dont have soc media or recordings of pigs squealing.

      Id just leave them and see if they can untie a square not. Then id be interested to see which direction they think help is. Probably up hill and northeast from here. Should make the warm springs reservation by next augest.

  7. I am sure this little sissy boy will change his tune and cry like a baby when we cut off his water, power and food. Does he really think his “city” is a self sustaining, food growing, power generating monolith? Where does he think all of the things that sustain his worthless, miserable life come from?

  8. This is the result of capitalist communist socialism billed as democracy. If you are not willing to shit where you lie down you are dumb. You do not unlawfully seize the free land that belongs to the people and rip it to pieces to fill the pockets of the Masonic few, as millions more foreigners are pumped into this country unlawfully, a place where a person can simply hear nothing is becoming prized above all other things. And who should have a right to that place? The person who took only what was needed from the land, who repaired the land when damaged, who lived as one with the land? Or should those people be driven out and serenity become only a commodity affordable by the rich?
    Pricks like this are the ones who have released wolves, man killers, exterminated by man through history for his own protection, back into the wild areas. These are the ones who without authority dictate cougars and bears cannot be hunted with dogs. We people who live in the rural areas know this is how we keep the predators away from our home and off our hunting ground.
    This guy’s real f-king problem is he doesn’t like seeing people he considers beneath him when he takes his hikes in the woods.
    It is UN Agenda 21 to drive all the people into the confines of hell known as cities. Then the rich and elite can have all the wild and peaceful places to themselves.
    Philosophy is nothing more than a train of thought with a hypothesis. It is all non-reality unless proven by math.
    May this son of a bitch on his next foray into the mountains, considering he’d never get too far from a car, be attacked by a cougar. When a cougar attacks, it jumps you straight on if it can, and once it has you on your back, it literally guts you with its claws. A wolf attack would probably be slower and more painful and a bear will just simply rip your ass to pieces and while you are still alive, kick some pine needles over you so it can come back to eat you later.
    Philosophically, the idea of being in the mountains and actually a part of the natural chain of life in that environment seems such a pleasant thought, but if you go into the REAL woods, it is a whole other world. You will find the peace, but every sensory preceptor will be dialed to ten.
    Do this for me, professor, take a nice long stroll out into the mountains at the end of a cold winter, and don’t you dare bring a gun, as the mountain lions, wolves, and bears find them offensive. This is their world, so if confronted you lay your philosophy on them, reason with them. You and your kind are the destroyers of the natural world, you tofu sucking, parasitic, arrogant, know something about nothing, twerp.

    1. I have nowhere the patience in response as you Henry, this SOB is walking a fkg tight rope rope with me. No way in hell could I ever respond in kind to trash like this. Get a fkg rope, stretch his pencil neck let him swing. Piece of Joo trash.

      This piece of shit teaches our children this shit..

      1. Mark Ford
        4 years ago
        “It was obvious that the bear was lonely and just wanted a hug. When he saw the couple in their tent he was a happy bear and strolled over just to say “How’s it going eh? Got any honey?” but the couple were very rude to the bear so of course he was offended and because bears have anger issues, he attacked. This all could have been avoided had they simply just gave the bear a hug.”

        Now here’s some philosophy for ya.

        I thought this was a funny & appropriate comment in light of the rural haters philosophy BS.

    2. Re: “This guy’s real f-king problem is he doesn’t like seeing people he considers beneath him when he takes his hikes in the woods.”

      Yeah, he wants it all to himself.

      Yesterday I stumbled on this quote, that kinda fits in, author unknown:




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