10 thoughts on “Beto actin’ tough

  1. The acting is strong in this one! Must be a nice feeling using those cuss words when you’re surrounded by all those sickly, weak, obese mask-wearing bitches waving your name around on little signs like obedient slaves. But what would you do if you were surrounded by REAL healthy men & women who hated your guts & wanted to beat the living sh1t out of you? Yeah, I know exactly what you’d do “tough guy” & I also know some enemy-of-the-people paid lackey would be doing the “doing” for you like all the other weak little mouthpieces out there. Real life’s gonna catch up to all these f@ggots sooner rather than later I’m thinkin’…

  2. lol faggot acting tuff ? thats a good one

    hey Beotch come step to my boots and try to steal my property , bring your fairy ass on my porch and demand my property , I need a really good laugh right about now and you laying in my front lawn crying your eyes out sounds like it would work just fine for me

  3. I see he took off the 2000 dollar suit coat and rolled up the sleeves on his 200 dollar silk shirt!! Lol Must be getting tired of his underground bunker!!!

    1. Beto, you have no idea how sick and tired we are of listening to cunts like you act like they have a pair while surrounded by armed security. Mano a mano, it is a fact, with an open hand, one swing, and I could slap you through the rim of your ass and make a little yella girl out of you. A punk bitch should stay in a punk bitch’s place, understand me, you seditious traitor?

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