Biden Welcoming at Least 6.2K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Every Day at Border

Breitbart – by John Binder

President Joe Biden is welcoming at least 6,200 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities every day, according to figures shared with Breitbart News from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

For the month of October, close to 87,000 illegal aliens successfully entered the United States at the southern border without being apprehended. This “got-away” figure only includes those whom the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is aware of and potentially thousands more may have successfully entered the U.S. via the border.

The number of got-aways is particularly significant as, over the last two fiscal years, more than 68,000 border crossers and illegal aliens with criminal records were encountered, including many that were apprehended by Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border — suggesting that many criminal illegal aliens are likely successfully evading apprehension each month.

“Agents have reason to believe those who have criminal records or are on the terror watch list are among those sneaking through,” FAIR President Dan Stein said in a statement.

In addition to got-aways, the figures suggest that likely 105,000 border crossers and illegal aliens were released into the U.S. interior by the Biden administration as part of its expansive Catch and Release network.

Together, this brings the total preliminary number of border crossers and illegal aliens who entered American communities in October, alone, to about at least 192,000 — a foreign population more than three times the population of Sarasota, Florida — which is about half of the total number of apprehensions for the month.

“The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect Americans and our interests,” Stein said. “President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have knowingly, willfully, and consistently violated that responsibility. We have never seen such numbers in our history, and the Biden administration’s open-borders policies are solely to blame.”

“These are numbers the American people have a right to see within what was once a traditional time window, and we are glad to assist,” Stein continued. “The Biden administration cannot continue to cover up what is happening by waiting until after business hours in the second half of the following month to release its data,” Stein said.

The last figures come as prior numbers showed that from February 2021 to August 2022, the Biden administration had released nearly 1.35 million border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities after having briefly apprehended them.

The number of border crossers and illegal aliens released into the U.S. interior in September remains unclear.

Stein suggested that Republicans bring impeachment charges against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, should they take the House and Senate following this week’s midterm elections.

“Secretary Mayorkas continues to purposefully ignore our nation’s immigration laws while abandoning policies of the previous administration that were designed to keep our borders secure and the American people safe,” Stein said.”On that basis alone, Mayorkas must be brought up on impeachment charges in the next Congress.”

3 thoughts on “Biden Welcoming at Least 6.2K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Every Day at Border

  1. How Breitbart can report this way is astounding. To pin it on internal affairs, like Biden et al are not all puppets of NWO/WEF agenda. And to not even mention the GLOBAL goal of COMMUNIZING the world shows that Breitbart is sleepin’ with the Status Quo. But everybody here already knows that. I’d like to ask Mr. Binder where he’s been the last 5-10 years while so many countries have had their borders stormed without any say from the people and all under the guise of helping the foreigner. Thanks, Breitbart. Can’t offer you anything but the middle finger.


  2. Come on Galen you know Breitbart is a tool. Every border officer is guilty of treason. I’m fine with legal immigration provided the individual will adapt to the American way of life under the Bill of Rights and the Republic as created.


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