Biden’s Build Back Better plan includes amnesty for 8 million illegal immigrants

100% Fed Up

President Biden ran on a “Build Back Better” agenda in his 2020 campaign, which included infrastructure and economic reforms.  Hidden in Democrats $1.6 Trillion spending package to advance his agenda is a plan to give amnesty to 8 million illegal immigrants.  Some sources, such as the Heritage Foundation, put the number even higher, at 11 to 22 million.  Democratic politicians have said that amnesty and Biden’s infrastructure bill are “inextricably linked”, and will refuse to consider one without the other in the bill.  “We have to have total agreement on both before we move either” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D). 

Democrats plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants comes on the heels of the worst border crisis in modern history, with the CBP reporting that border apprehensions have reached an all-time high under Biden’s presidency.  Upon taking office, Biden issued a 100 day halt on most deportations, stopped construction of President Trump’s border wall, and ended his “remain in Mexico” policy.  The Biden administration announced this week that it backs payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal immigrants.

Under President Trump’s administration, illegal immigration was at its lowest level in 17 years.  Biden condemned Trump’s immigration policies as “dangerous, inhumane, and against everything we stand for as a country”.  Despite this, Biden’s administration has fought in court to keep some of President Trump’s immigration policies, such as a CDC policy that sped up deportations by using public health orders.

100% Fed Up

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