Bill Gates Killed ‘Millions of Children’ With DPT Vaccine, Danish Gov’t Study Finds

By Baxter Dmitry – The People’s Voice

Bill Gates is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of young African girls, according to the findings of a Danish government investigation which alleges the globalist billionaire destroyed their health with dangerous DTP vaccines.

Bill Gates asked the Danish government to support the DTP vaccination of 161 million African children. As Robert F. Kennedy explains, the Danes were suspicious due to the poor reputation of the whole-cell diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine which had been banned in Europe and the United States for causing severe brain injuries and killing one in every 300 children.

However, Gates was responsible for keeping the DPT vaccine alive in Africa, and thanks to his efforts the vaccine had been given to 161 million African children even after it was banned in Western countries for causing mass death.

Gates told the Danish government that the vaccine had saved 30 million lives in Africa, so the Danish government asked for the data, of which Gates had none.

So the Danish government sent researchers to Africa and did their own studies, investigating 30 years of DTP vaccine data.

The investigators admit that what they discovered shocked them.

Young girls injected with Gates’ DTP vaccine were dying at 10 times the rate of those who were not vaccinated. Watch:

These girls were protected against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, but they were dying of causes nobody had ever associated with the vaccine.

“They were dying of anemia, malaria, pulmonary disease, respiratory disease, and pneumonia,” explains Robert F. Kennedy.

In short, their immune systems were completely destroyed. They were unable to defend themselves against other minor diseases.

“Nobody noticed for thirty years that it was the vaccinated girls, and not the unvaccinated girls, who were dying,” said Kennedy.

Prof. Christine Stabell Benn, one of the Danish researchers involved in the investigation, thanked Robert F. Kennedy for sharing the story about the DPT vaccine in Africa.

Prof. Christine Stabell Benn giving a TED talk in Copenhagen last year.

Prof. Benn took to LinkedIn to explain how the study reached its findings:

“Many people have alerted me to the fact that Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been mentioning our group’s studies on the whole-cell diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine used in Africa. They asked me if the story is true. Allow me to present the story from our perspective. In brief, some details are wrong, but the overall message – that we discovered a serious safety signal in relation to DTP vaccine for females – is correct.”

“The analysis showed that the introduction of DTP vaccine in Guinea-Bissau was associated with a 2-fold increase in overall mortality. In girls, the estimate was a 2.60 (95% CI=1.57–4.32)-fold increase in mortality. Noteworthy, these studies were published after the WHO review. Had they been included in the WHO review, the negative effect of DTP vaccine would have been stronger.

“In 2020, we reviewed all the data, in connection with a major review of the non-specific effects. Including all the studies with prospective follow-up, also the new studies, for a total of 17 studies, being DTP vaccinated vs. not being DTP vaccinated was associated with 2.07 (95% CI=1.60-2.67)-fold higher mortality. The estimate was 2.54 (1.68-3.86) in females. Among DTP-vaccinated children, females had almost 50% higher mortality than males (1.47 (1.18-1.84)). A dose-response has been observed, with the female-male mortality ratio increasing with each additional dose of DTP vaccine.

“The conclusion is very clear: The whole-cell DTP vaccine used in low-income countries is associated with increased mortality for females. The observation has not been contradicted by good prospective studies. What remains unclear is why WHO does not act. Therefore, we welcome that Robert F Kennedy Jr shares the story about DTP vaccine, even though he got some details wrong.”

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