4 thoughts on “Billy Joel – Piano Man

  1. I think the “Piano man” worked in a gay bar based on these lines:

    “Paul is a real estate novelist
    who never had time for a wife
    and he’s talking to Davy
    who’s still in the navy
    and probably will be for life”

    But it’s a good song anyway.

    1. Huh, never looked at it that way JR. Good insite there JR.
      However just because you don`t have time for a wife doesn`t mean that ya are gay by any means JR.

      1. Oh, no one knows that better than I do, Digger. My latest “wife” is stuck in the nuthouse because I won’t let her move back in here. She’s a walking domestic dispute that I definitely don’t have time for, nor the energy.

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