California House Unanimously Passes Law to Make Cryptocurrency “Legal Tender”

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(Video) – Let us use some common sense for a moment. California and the Federal Government for that matter are suddenly embracing the idea of “Cyrptocurrenies”? That name sounds interesting enough, it makes it sound like this currency is safe, but it is not. We are talking about “electronic money,” let us call it what it is.  

This money is not any safer than the electronic currency the Federal Reserve has devalued in your bank account. Don’t you find it interesting the states have shot down the idea of gold and silver as currency, but embrace an electronic form of currency instead? Why do you think that is? Because the government will essentially have control over it or at the least be able to seize it should you be convicted of a crime or become an enemy of the state. What kind of currency do you think Satan’s One World Beast Government will consist of in our electronic age? Let’s use some common sense folks, don’t step into the trap.

“Cyrptocurrencies”  are not going to save you, but they will give you a false sense of hope.

H/T: Activist Post

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2 thoughts on “California House Unanimously Passes Law to Make Cryptocurrency “Legal Tender”

  1. I’m just going on record here to say that I won’t be accepting any crypto currencies as payment for anything, because I think they’re an invention of crypto-Jews, and are only a precursor to a digital “one world currency” that will be very handy for rewarding the good slaves, and killing off the bad ones.

  2. If ANY politicians come up with a really bad idea, it’s always seems to be the ones in this state for some reason.

    We just seem to get the cream of the crop in that category.

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