Biodiversity: The Genetic Takeover Of All Living Things

Technocracy – by Patrick Wood

The World Economic Forum’s self-declared “Great Reset” has two aspects: first, is the radical economic transformation promoted as Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy; second is the radical transformation of all living things, including humans, aka Transhumanism. The WEF’s own website speaks plainly about both.

This has led me to describe this phenomenon like this: “Technocracy is to the structure of society as Transhumanism is to those who live in that society.”

Given this backdrop, the frontal assault to implement the Great Reset started on January 30, 2020 with the World Health Organization’s declaration of pandemic. Fear and propaganda drove people to obey insane and destructive policies implemented around the world, which some scholars are calling a “mass formation psychosis”.

Of course, you know most of this intuitively because you have been living it for over 2 years.

In these pages, you have heard about the UN’s Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda, Biodiversity. Sustainable Development, etc. You have fought against the policies that were intended to destroy you, and those battles are still raging.

Now let me tell you what we all missed that will connect a plethora of dots on why we are where we are today.

Two eye witnesses and participants at the original Agenda 21 conference in 1992 also participated in the Biodiversity Convention that ran in parallel. They wrote in their 1994 book, The Earth Brokers,

“Neither Brundtland, nor the secretariat, nor the governments drafted plan to examine the pitfalls of free trade and industrial development. Instead, they wrote up a convention on how to ‘develop’ the use of biodiversity through patents and biotechnology.” (p. 3)

Patents and biotechnology? That’s not your grandmother’s biodiversity. They continued,

“The convention implicitly equates the diversity of life – animals and plants – to the diversity of genetic codes, for which read genetic resources. By doing so, diversity becomes something that modern science can manipulate. Finally, the convention promotes biotechnology as being ‘essential for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.” (p. 42)

And they shockingly concluded,

“The main stake raised by the Biodiversity Convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity… the major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. (p. 43)

Note carefully that ownership and control over genes was not a side issue or a minor stake: It was the MAIN STAKENote also that the main actors were the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries.

This presents a totally different definition of biodiversity that was indiscernible until the Great Panic of 2020 hit. Now it screams to us from the highest mountaintop.

Looking backward now, we don’t have to wonder why Monsanto created a global monopoly on genetically modified seed where they claimed ownership over everything they touched, enforcing royalty payments for every seed germinated, everywhere.

We don’t have to wonder why insects are being genetically modified, leading skeptical scientists to write papers like, Genetically modified insects could disrupt international food trade.

We don’t have to wonder why animals are being genetically modified, like transgenic cattle, swine and goats.

Further, why should we wonder that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to inject all humans in the world with an experimental drug containing synthetic, gene edited mRNA that templates spike proteins to be released into our bodies? (India has recently released a comparable DNA vaccine).

This has happened right under our noses while everyone’s attention was focused on other issues. What we thought were the key issues of Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, Biodiversity Convention, etc., were indeed real issues, but they were not the main issue.

Rather, the main issue was and is the takeover of all genetic material on earth.

With that settled, it is now understandable why the whole Transhuman movement has jumped all over the GMO human meme. Historically, Transhumanism was just a “lost-in-space” metaphysical philosophy that sought to take control over man’s evolution, escape death and achieve immortality. Today, its Holy Grail has appeared: hacking the human genome to create Humans 2.0.

Alas, let’s go back to the World Economic Forum that sees itself as the great and only savior of the world.

In January 2021, the European Academy on Religion and Society wrote Coronavirus and the transhuman future and stated,

“While most of humanity is still in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, the highly influential members of the World Economic Forum have a plan for what should come next. It is called ‘The Great Reset’, and it envisions a truly ‘transhumanist’ future for us all.”

This certainly isn’t the future we want or voted for, but it looks like the future we are going to get unless we unseat every one of these lunatics from all public policy.

The old Star Trek series once entertained us with the weekly introduction of the starship Enterprise: “The final frontier… To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Well, here we are in real life but I, for one, am not entertained.


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  1. Evil science. Stay away from my genes!! When you tamper with human beings you are tampering with the minds and bodies of the creation which hold all the knowledge of survival. To attempt to diminish that is to plan the demise of all life, including your own. You are dishin’ up death, most unappetizing and foul-tasting. Eat it yourself.


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