BLM wants to apply 15 kinds of Herbicides over ~1,500 acres over the next 20 years

The window is closing for public input tomorrow (9/27/2017) when the public-comment deadline expires. Do something NOW because it’s coming to a neighborhood NEAR YOU !


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27TH IS DEADLINE TO SIGN & SEND COMMENTS ON BLM’S INTEGRATED INVASIVE PLANT MANAGEMENT Environmental Assessment:  <= You may submit your comments via this website, too.

Most people residing in Josephine/Jackson Counties are not aware of this BLM PROPOSAL to apply 15 kinds of chemical plant poisons (herbicides) to an estimated 1,500 acres each year for the next 20 years!!

Please respond to the BLM’s plan for expanding the use of herbicides on public lands.

The expansion of their existing weed management plan will apply to more lands, more species, and will use a greater variety of toxic products. Herbicide application on our public lands will threaten our drinking water and expose our families, animals, and wildlife to even more toxic chemicals.

Please submit comments via email since time is running out! Thank you for fitting this in with little time left.


If you don’t have time to write comments, attached is a form letter that you can copy/paste/edit to be your own email and send to:

Subject: Medford District Integrated Invasive Plant Management EA (DOI-BLM-ORWA-M000-2107-0002-EA)

Put your name and contact info at the bottom of the letter and add or change as you like. If you would like to keep your contact information confidential, put a check by note at the top.

BLM will accept written comments received or postmarked by Sept 27 2017. Or faxed to (503) 808-6021 Attn: Medford Invasive Plant Management EA.

Questions about the project may be directed to Bryan Wender, Project Lead, 541 471-6672, or Tony Kerwin, District Environmental Planner, 541 618-2402.

Thank you for getting the word out to the general public that the comment window will close tomorrow (9/27).

Invasive Plant Mngmt Public EA Comments


Medford Invasive Plants EA – FONSI_DRAFT_Aug_2017

Medford Invasive Plants EA – August 2017

6 thoughts on “BLM wants to apply 15 kinds of Herbicides over ~1,500 acres over the next 20 years

  1. Why are they not already applying these herbicides over the District Of Columbia? It is overrun with “Invasive Species”.

    1. And bugs and worms and microorganisms and land and water and people and all living things. Some say the thing they hate the most is air because it fills the lungs and sends oxygen to brains and accentuates thinking. They hate air.


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