Bloomberg gave $10M contract to company behind botched ObamaCare rollout

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration awarded a $10-million-plus contract to update the city’s non-emergency call system to the same company fired for the botched ObamaCare rollout, according to The New York Daily News.

The administration awarded the contract to Montreal-based CGI on Dec. 31, just hours before Democrat Bill de Blasio was sworn in as mayor.  

The contract was approved because Bloomberg considers the 311 hotline one of the legacies of his three terms, the newspaper said.

However, rival companies and other critics of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications’ contract say CGI has little if any experience managing 311 call centers.

The Obama administration earlier this month didn’t renew its contract with a CGI subsidiary to work on, after technical problems severely slowed insurance enrollment on the site.

The contract will cost taxpayers $10 million this year and potentially tens of millions more in future years, according to the newspaper, which also said the city controller is conducting a review.

CGI is defended the deal, saying the contract was awarded through a “full and open competition.”

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