Bombshell lawsuit claims JP Morgan execs were so familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of young girls they joked about him being with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus by DANIEL BATES

Executives at JP Morgan were so familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse that they laughed about him being out with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus, court documents claim.

A bombshell lawsuit states that senior managers at the bank ‘joked about (Epstein’s) interest in young girls’ including Cyrus in 2008 when she was still starring in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana.

Staff at JP Morgan were accused of making light of the pedophile’s activities in a case filed against it by the government of the US Virgin Islands.

The lawsuit also alleges that at least 20 victims were paid through Epstein’s accounts with JP Morgan in excess of $1m.

One women who Epstein ‘bought’ when she was 14 was paid $600,000, the documents claim.

The USVI government sued JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank in December accusing the banks of turning a blind eye to Epstein’s sex trafficking of underage girls despite myriad red flags.

Both banks deny wrongdoing.

The amended complaint from the USVI, where Epstein had a private island, says that JP Morgan ‘obstructed’ investigations into Epstein and its relationship to the bank.

Executives emailed internally about his abuse during the course of their relationship with him, which ran from 1998 to 2013, including after he served 15 months for soliciting and underage girl for sex in 2008.

They included Mary Erdoes – chief executive of JP Morgan’s Asset & Wealth division.

The document states: ‘Internal emails questioned who Epstein’s clients were.

‘Indeed, Epstein’s behavior was so widely known at JPMorgan that senior executives joked about Epstein’s interest in young girls.

‘In 2008, for example, Mary Erdoes received an email asking her whether Epstein was at an event ‘with miley Cyrus’.

The USVI alleges that JP Morgan did not follow the requirements for reporting suspicious transactions because if they did it would have ‘prevented Epstein’s secret cash transactions that were necessary to his sex-trafficking operation from escaping knowledge of federal investigative and prosecuting agencies’.

The Epstein victim who he is said to have bought at 14 was paid more than $600,000 while a ‘recruiter’ given immunity through Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal in 2008 was paid handsomely too.

Virtually all of the money was paid after Epstein’s conviction in 2008, it is claimed.

The filing also note that Epstein transferred more than $23m to Ghsilaine Maxwell, his ‘madam’ who is serving a 20 year jail sentence for recruiting underage girls for him, between 1999 and 2002.

The document also alleges that at least 20 individuals paid through JP Morgan accounts were victims of trafficking to Epstein’s island, New York and other Epstein properties.

The lawsuit claims: ‘These women were trafficked and abused during different intervals between at least 2003 and July 2019, when Epstein was arrested and jailed, and these women received payments, typically multiple payments, between 2003 and 2013 in excess of $1 million collectively.

‘Epstein also withdrew more than $775,000 in cash over that time frame from JP Morgan accounts, especially significant as Epstein was known to pay for “massages,” or sexual encounters, in cash. Financial information also reflects payments drawn from JP Morgan accounts of nearly $1.5 million to known recruiters’.

Last month a judge partially rejected a request to dismiss the case by JP Morgan, allowing some of the claims to proceed.

The USVI attorney general last week subpoenaed several wealthy men for communications with Epstein including Google founder Sergey Brin.

The lawsuit is running parallel to a similar claim by a woman called Jane Doe 1 which has made numerous allegations against Jes Staley, the former boss of JP Morgan.

Court documents alleged that between 2008 and 2012, Staley exchanged around 1,200 emails with Epstein from his JP Morgan email account.

The banker allegedly visited Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean while the pedophile was in prison for having sex with underage girls.

Staley is accused of making suggestive references to Disney characters in the emails including one from 2010 in which he says: ‘Say hi to Snow White’.

Staley’s lawyers have denied wrongdoing and denied he used codewords with Epstein.

In a motion to dismiss, JP Morgan called the USVI’ complaint ‘a masterclass in deflection that seeks to hold (JP Morgan) responsible for not sleuthing out Epstein’s crimes over a decade ago’.


7 thoughts on “Bombshell lawsuit claims JP Morgan execs were so familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of young girls they joked about him being with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus by DANIEL BATES

  1. I’m not surprised , her dad is a total POS , and I know this because if he wasn’t, Epstien would have died that very day , but these sick fcks are all about money and power , and now she’s a POS too because she’s not opening her dam mouth to call this shit out ..and exposing more of what went on.. Fking kids were abused and likely killed , and this Cant Understand Normal Thinking so called “entertainer” ,isn’t standing up for the kids and , I’m sure she was paid and so was her sick ass dad.

    Its one thing to be abused and keep your mouth shut , its another to become rich and have a platform to bring awareness and not say a dam thing is another .. I knew there was a reason I couldn’t stand either one of them

    makes me wonder if she or he brought him more “clients” or innocents to abuse ?

    1. I think you summed that up nicely, EoS! In for a penny, in for a pound as they say and her dad had to have known about their vile acts but still pimped her out.

        1. You know she’s related to Dolly Parton , right?

          And she gets accolades like crazy as such a “good person “
          I’ve had my suspicions about her for the past 5-6 years , she’s smart and won’t ruin her career over politics , but I’m getting a deep down feeling she’s up to no good , and this whole “family circus “ has me thinking I ain’t wrong abt her

          Dollywood =a Tennessee Disney , nuff said ?

          1. I knew Dolly was her ‘god-mother.’ I try to keep ‘abreast’ of things. Hahaha. Pun intended. Anyhow, when she moves into her early middle age it’s possible we’ll hear of some of the horrors she suffered, kinda like Brooke Shields. When they’re born into it there’s usually no moral compass.


          1. Yes. “Club Fed Up” grows every day. Many members advancing to “Club Will Fight.”


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