Border agents give illegals hand up hill, AROUND wall — INTO America!

American Mirror – by Kyle Olson

When did Customs and Border Protection become the welcoming committee to America?

Video published by KOLD shows Border agents standing at the top of a hill, waiting for a group of illegal aliens to approach.

The agent crosses past the end of the border wall and extends his hand to assist a woman scaling the hill to enter the country illegally in El Paso, Texas. 


A female agent pats a boy on the head as he walks into America.

There were a total of five aliens in the group and were taken for processing.

Meanwhile, military members are now being stationed at detention and processing facilities, a move opposed by illegal immigration proponents.

NBC News reports:

Active-duty U.S. troops are now stationed inside the Border Patrol’s holding facility in Donna, Texas, and monitoring migrant adults and children from just a few feet away, according to two current and two former defense officials, a move a congressman says comes close to violating a 140-year-old federal law.

Despite past assurances from federal officials that the active-duty U.S. troops deployed to the border would not be in direct contact with migrants or be used for law enforcement, the service members stand watch among the migrants. The troops are perched on raised platforms throughout a large room where the migrants are held, according to the four officials.

The troops were assigned to the facility to provide welfare checks on the migrants, but the officials say that has evolved into a continual presence watching over them.

“It’s not the role of the U.S. military to be a prison guard,” Democrat Rep. John Garamendi told NBC News.

“This is certainly mission creep…” he added.

American Mirror

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