Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that US is using aircraft to move migrants

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Overcrowding at Border Patrol stations in South Texas has become so acute in recent days that U.S. authorities have taken the rare step of using aircraft to relocate migrants to other areas of the border simply to begin processing them, according to three Homeland Security officials.

The first flight left McAllen, Texas, on Friday, transferring detainees to Border Patrol facilities in Del Rio, Texas. There are daily flights scheduled for the next several days, with two planned for Tuesday, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the operations. 

The flights are conducted by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, but the detainees remain in the custody of Border Patrol, officials said. Though ICE routinely uses aircraft to move detainees among its detention facilities, it is very unusual for Border Patrol to fly recent arrivals from one part of the border to another to perform routine booking procedures.

Homeland Security officials requested the aircraft because Border Patrol urgently needs to move single adults out of the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. The agency is scrambling to make room for the large volume of families and children who have come across the border in dramatically higher numbers in the past several days, officials said.

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15 thoughts on “Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that US is using aircraft to move migrants

  1. Well, hell, why not? We haven’t come together as unified Americans to repel the invasion, why would they stop importing the colonizers.

    Efin pathetic!!


  3. “U.S. authorities have taken the rare step of using aircraft to relocate migrants to other areas of the border simply to begin processing them”….

    PROCESSING THEM???!!!??? How about processing them into cat food!!! How about into Soylent Green and feed them to the sanctuary city people?

    This isn’t freakin’ hard…give the Klan free reign at the border ..hell, buy them some sandwiches and ammo. I guarantee the brown folks will stop coming!!! Something has to be better than nothing… The government isn’t going to fix it; they welcome it. The “patriot movement” can’t fix it because the government arrests them….Time for some OUTLAW ACTION!!!!

    1. I wouldn’t say outlaw action, I would say law action.
      This blatant fraudulent U S Corporation, Israeli Zionist invasion is an absolute violation of our people’s Bill of Rights.
      We the people are the authority for the united States of the Americas and we have the absolute right to enforce our law in our country in any manner we find necessary in time of occupation. We are not the subjects of the self-proclaimed corporate aristocracy. They are in violation of our laws and it is not only our right, but our duty to remove them from the equation.

      1. OK Henry…I understand and agree with you, but I have a couple issues I hope you can clear up my understanding:
        1. Because we each have a Social Security number, does that not make us the subjects of this corporate aristocracy? We each have a file, and a value on which the elites bet on….I sure feel like a surf!!
        2. A group has tried to uphold the law and they got arrested! So, because the “authorities” are in violation of our laws, in your opinion, is it time for insurrection? Do we storm the Bastille and hang them all in the public square? That’s a LOT of rope!!

        1. The creation of the 14th Amendment, the Social Security numbers, and the United States Corporation were all criminal acts. The common law courts belong exclusively to the people. The removal of the common law courts was the fraudulent corporate aristocracy’s fourth violation of the law known as the Bill of Rights.
          The Bill of Rights is the people’s law, apart from the government, and we the people are the authority over our government. But the Republic we authorized has been overthrown on paper through legalese in direct violation to the direct ratified law of the Bill of Rights and as the corporate United States has been unlawfully replaced by the United States Corporation, they think they can continue to remove our Bill of Rights, under the guise of that fraudulent 14th Amendment simply by legislating, or as in the days of the king, making proclamations. But all they are doing is violating law.
          The 9th Article to our Bill of Rights dictates that no authority can be created to violate our law and our status as individual free sovereigns is on a par with the crown heads of Europe.
          It would not be insurrection. It is they, the corporate aristocracy, who has committed the insurrection. It is they who are guilty of insurrection, sedition, and high treason.
          We are a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual, with an absolute, unalienable Bill of Rights. Under their unlawful 14th Amendment, we are declared subjects of the federal corporation and state corporations and county corporations and municipal corporations. It is all a fraud and a violation of the law.
          Remember, we the people granted the teeny tiny little bit of authority in the Constitution from our superior authority, as the individual free nationals of this country. We would not be committing insurrection, just enforcing our law on criminals who have broken that law.
          I do not see any storming of a Bastille. What I do see is 75% of the population of this country having tyranny inflicted upon them and being completely ignored as the kings of old ignored their subjects as they wallowed in wealth and debauchery on the sweat of those they oppressed.
          We are in a unique position as our Bill of Rights is the ratified absolute law of this land before it was ever attached as a preamble representing the people’s authority to the Constitution which was a proposal by the corporate elite of the day to serve us in matters of state and international nature. The Bill of Rights dictates our servants, as our servants where never to have any authority over us as individuals in our self-governance under our Bill of Rights under our laws. In fact if they violated our laws any one of us could snatch them from their inferior fiduciary status and bring them in their individual capacity into our common law courts and prosecute them for violations of our laws.
          The corporate aristocracy now has a corporate standing army, corporate Blackwater USA, unauthorized, unlawful corporate police to enforce their unlawful treasonous corporate dictate.
          No, I believe when this thing takes off, it will be like spot fires where the invaders from other countries just come to the wrong towns and f-k with the wrong people. Then the winds of discontent that have been built to a hurricane force level through the tyranny being inflicted upon the mass majority by a teeny tiny minority, will cause a firenado that will sweep across this country like a bullet train on crank, and as the corporate aristocracy is an intricate part of the new world order, this is when all the foreign cells and the international Northcom will come into play. This is when we will start slaughtering the Blue Helmets. Once the people take control of that nuclear arsenal we have bought and paid for, then the rest of world will simply have to step back or we will start pushing buttons. Once that has occurred, we can reform our self-governance and start the prosecutions of the law breakers, the traitors, the insurrectionists. They of course will try to flee to sanctuary in the foreign corporate owned countries of their criminal cohorts. Again, that nuclear arsenal we have paid for will come into play and the countries who are harboring them will return them to us along with our stolen wealth they hold or we will simply start pushing buttons.
          As in every fight, it comes down to bluff or no bluff and if they think we are bluffing we will start with one button. If they want to go all in, well we have nothing to lose because life as a slave is like no life at all. If you are of the opinion that you would rather die than be a slave, I guess we will see if they would rather destroy the world if the option is them not being able to enslave us. And oh, look what they have to lose. Of course the trials in this country, they are not going to like, especially when the international nobility, like the Rothschilds, the Carnages, the Rockefellers, ect, ect, are being completely dispossessed and their bodies are rotting on the ends of ropes in our public square.
          Least ways that’s the way this individual free sovereign national sees it.

          1. …..”and as the corporate United States has been unlawfully replaced by the United States Corporation”…….

            Henry, has the fed. govt. from its conception always been a corporation?

          2. Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
            I can certainly see that they are violating law…but I can also see that they don’t care and neither do the ignorant masses. No one is still alive that remembers living without a Federal Reserve, income taxes and Social Security taxes. To the ignorant masses, this is normal and they just continue to play along, tuning in to their college basketball and NASCAR programs, oblivious to the way it SHOULD BE! Blind acceptance is killing this republic. Ignorance is killing this republic. Apathy is killing this republic. In 1775 we didn’t have 300 channels of crap to keep people occupied….everyone understood what was going on. Today, most people can’t tell you who the VP is or point to England on a map.
            I believe you are absolutely right in that the US Corporation has usurped the law and the Republic, and I agree that they should all be held accountable and swing for what they have been doing.
            I also believe that you and I and the rest of us here at the Trenches are a VERY small minority and would be quickly quashed should we all decide enough is enough some day soon. I seriously doubt a large enough nationwide crowd could be assembled for a take-back…it needs to happen, I just don’t see it happening as the masses are mostly lazy and apathetic…or don’t speak enough English to figure it out!!
            As sovereigns, if we try to round them up to face the laws they have violated, the corporate police will come after us to be tried in the corporate courtroom with a corporate judge. How can we prevail?
            How can we defeat this huge system of lawlessness? No one person can do it. A small army of Patriots cannot do it. A Fifth Column that operates from sea to shining sea could do it…but how to find enough brave souls to accomplish this….
            I will continue to be a Paul Revere and shout the message to whoever will listen.
            The courts are against us. The police are against us. Our “government” is against us – A Fifth Column must arise.

          3. Bud Fox, I disagree with your defeatist attitude. I talk to people all over this country and I promise you we have the numbers. They have done everything in their power to convince us otherwise, but the fact is every time they turn up their draconian rhetoric we set another monthly record for gun sales.
            Your average true American is not ignorant and we are the masses. It is the mainstream propaganda machine that gives the illusion as to otherwise.
            I believe that there are 40 million men out there from coast to coast, itchin’ to take on the task. I know so many that do not have time for basketball or Nascar. When you talk about the ones that do, you are talking about the minority. The majority of working people out there don’t have time to go on social media to voice their discontent, to attend meetings, or spend time with militia training. They work, they eat, they sleep, they work, and I guarantee you they are frying ass pissed about the condition of servitude they are losing the ticks of their lives to.
            I don’t know where you live, but here where I live from the suburbs out into the mountains in every walk of life, they have stockpiled food, guns, ammunition, medical supplies. Some are just individuals, some are small groups, but I guarantee you they outnumber the system suckers that go along to get along, the bend with the wind losers, thousands to one. And every one of them I have talked to, and some make up whole communities, say they are just waiting for the spark.
            We will not only whip their ass, we will put them down hard.
            Consider the rhetoric as compared to the fact. I know you have to know they want our guns so bad they can taste it and that is the rhetoric. The fact is, and I think you know it, if they had the wherewithal to take our guns, they would have already done it.
            Who would have thunk a ragtag band of rebels back in 1775 could have whipped the mightiest army on the planet?
            You think we are few because you only hear a few doing the talking. The majority, as I said before, are past the talking. Their mindset is when it goes down they better hurry up and slaughter these bastards so they can get back to work.
            I usually throw people off of this site for speaking defeatism because they are buying in to the enemy’s propaganda, but I have read a lot of your comments and I believe you are earnest in your confusion.
            Every thinking adult in this country can see plainly what the enemy is attempting to do, but the fact is we are the largest armed force on the planet and are quite aware of what they would do to us if they could disarm us.
            In New Jersey, the capital of communism in the East, how many clips have they turned in? None. How many of their so called assault weapons have they turned in? None. How many bump stocks have been turned in since the dictator ordered them to be made illegal? None. Right there is a whole lot of people who have knowingly made themselves felons and have declared that they are not turning anything over.
            Again, here where I live, I don’t know anybody who would turn their gun over. Like I said, the anger is pent up. You are not seeing the whole picture because like with From the Trenches, there are whole organizations with unlimited funding working 24/7 to make sure we think we are alone.
            The people I talk to that work and sleep and eat and work and sleep and eat tell me that everybody where they work is of the same mind.
            The communists and the Fabian socialists, you know, the voters, make up maybe 12 to 18% of the population. Admittedly they have about 100 million foreigners here for the cameras and they will try to bolster their number, but this is our home and the worthless son of a bitch with his pants hanging down around his knees and his dirty ass shorts showing, is the exception, not the rule.
            When they had the “mass shooting” here in Oregon over in Roseburg at the Umpqua Community College, I came on the broadcast and told the listeners the first day that my people here would not allow for a false flag attack on their guns. When Obama came to town to do so, they sent his ass packing, calling him the communist he is.
            Our enemy would have everyone believe that we are weak, but we know that they are empty liars. Like I said, the people that are going to do their ass in have prepared but do not have the time or the money to play games, it is just another job they have to do. When it happens, we will see if these spineless communist socialist piss ants have what it takes when they finally meet the real American nationals.
            Now, do you think they are going to show our conversation today on the six o’clock news? I’m here to tell you they aren’t because they do not print the truth of our existence as it would cause defeatism among the ranks of the spineless little worms who think they can bluff us into submission.
            Again, we will not only whip them, it will be a slaughter and we will redefine man’s inhumanity to man.

          4. Katie, it was supposed to be the charter for the Republic and of course we have already went over the definition of corporation and Republic. So, no.

  4. So how’s that border wall workin out for ya, Trumpers!

    Don’t worry, we’ll vote him out with Hitlery Clinton the next time. After that, we’ll vote for a Republican who will do the same thing and so and so forth. Yet Americans still haven’t gotten the picture here.

    Just keep following the path of least resistance. That’s worked out for you for the past 60-70 years, hasn’t it?


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