Boycott Maryland!

Good for Beretta! I am currently looking for another side arm. I know now: IT WILL BE A BERETTA.

The people of Maryland who feel strongly about the draconian gun laws passed by the legislator can help further punish Maryland by doing their shopping in neighboring states. The majority of Maryland residents are near enough to state lines that the added cost to transportation would not be prohibitive. Make Maryland an example to the other states who are contemplating draconian laws that benefit only abusive cops and other predatory criminals.  

State and Federal law enforcement should not be allowed to have any weaponry that is denied to the general population. History shows that a lesser armed population loses all freedom to tyranny.

For those planning road trips or those who regularly travel in or through Maryland should think about topping off their gas tanks outside of Maryland.

If enough people get on board: Maryland will go bankrupt that much faster!

As one of the most corrupt states in the union; they are already on shaky ground financially.

Comment posted by kim on Beretta to Leave Maryland

6 thoughts on “Boycott Maryland!

  1. UNTILL,the printing presses are taken away from the queen of england,theres no chance maryland will go broke,the BIO-WARFARE CENTER IS THERE, at ft. detrick maryland,and thats where every desease america ever heard of came from,ALL OF THEM, the early ones came from england,I KNOW THIS ONE FOR SURE, I’AM IRISH,the LORD says the east coast will see a tidal wave 900 ft. high hit it,oh no………………………..gee,kinda makes you wonder why they moved the government to denver don’t it,maybe you should move to…………………..

  2. The Tsunami you refer to has happened before, thousands of years ago. Geological evidence suggests the wave that hit the eastern seaboard was about 1,500 feet high when a large part of one of the Canary Islands broke away. It is still evident to the untrained eye where the island split. There is another crack in the island that could give way at any time. It’s been that way since the original wave was let loose. It’s not If, but when. It could be tomorrow or 10,000 years from now. there is evidence that the next piece to break off is moving now and stresses are building up to the final act.
    I grew up on the northeastern seaboard and am familiar with those military sites that create weapons that should never exist because they are indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction, that; when used also harm our troops such as “DU” munitions. Weapons whose use are acts of TREASON and crimes against God and man, by any standard.

    link to Tsunami info below

    I’ve been aware that this empire will self destruct for 30+ years, and relocated to a place that is safe from the African Tsunami, and with a lower population density and the inherent problems caused by government tyranny on the East Coast when we fall.
    Like the Tsunami: the timing of our fall is not IF but WHEN. Many believe it is time to bug out now. Once TSHTF it will e too late to bug out. The Hollywierd disaster movies show what the roads will be like within a few short hours when panic sets in. Unlike those movies: it will be real, it will be deadly, IT WILL BE HOSTILE for everyone stuck on those grid locked highways. People will learn what a terrible mistake it was to give their 2nd amendment rights away in those “liberal” states because they will be on their own. There will be no police because they will be home protecting their families and looting just like the cops did in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It will be chaos and the only people armed will be the cops and the other criminals. people will murder and die over the last loaf of bread in stores that will not be restocked. Only those who have a years supply of food, potable water, and the weaponry to defend it, and motivation to kill will survive, because they WILL kill you for a can of beans or that loaf of bread.
    Anybody who thinks they are having hard times now are in for a rude and deadly surprise.

  3. I see nothing gained by punishing the small business people of Maryland by boycotting their businesses. They are not the root of the problem, the state government and the legislature are the problem, along with their enforcement arm, down to the local level. Figure out how to punish them in particular and I will pay attention.

    1. If you are an American national loyal to the Republic, you will move your business out of Maryland. It is our duty as patriots to starve Maryland and deprive her until she can be reoccupied by American nationals.

    2. The businesses, small and large, contribute financially to the state. They are part of the problem by financing and lobbying the state apparatus with their tax contributions, bribes, and blackmail. It’s tough, but; life ain’t fair and government tyranny is the worst kind of injustice. There is always collateral damage. The military is satisfied with a 95%+ rate of innocents killed in Afghanistan. Some will have to make the sacrifice in this battle. Look at all the “sacrifices” rammed down out collective throats in the name of “national security” and Nazi Zionist greed. Most of those businesses are controlled by “the tribe” anyway. It’s time to starve them out and take our country down a much better path.

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