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Brace yourself for nasty flu season, Calgary doctor warns

“Everyone should get the flu shot: it’s the ‘altruistic thing to do,’ says Dr. Raj Bhardwaj”

This is the tax payer funded brain washing the Canadian populace is fed as “medicine”.  Get yer free flu shots –

CBC News

Health officials across Canada are bracing for what could be a rough flu season.  

The flu season in North America typically looks a lot like the flu season that’s coming to an end in the southern hemisphere — and Australia’s flu strain was particularly nasty this year.

The H3N2 influenza A strain was responsible for about 2½ times the number of infections than usual, twice as many hospitalizations and twice as many deaths as usual, Dr. Raj Bhardwaj, a Calgary urgent care doctor, told the Calgary Eyeopener on Tuesday.

“I think it’s going to be bad,” he said of the upcoming flu season.

People who are of high risk for influenza complications — people over 65, children under the age of five, pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions — are urged to get the flu vaccine, which is available in Alberta starting Oct. 23.

For the average otherwise healthy adult, getting the flu can mean a week off of work and feeling unwell, but regardless, Bhardwaj said, everyone should get vaccinated.

“The big thing for me is you’re going to be contagious one day at least before you get any symptoms, and for five days after you get any symptoms and in that week,” he said.

“How many people in those high risk groups are you going to infect and not just through direct contact?”

Ultimately, even if it’s not for you, getting the flu shot is the “altruistic thing to do,” Bhardwaj said.

The flu or just a cold?

If you start to feel unwell, keep in mind there are 200 circulating viruses during cold and flu season, and most of them are cold viruses.

The noticeable difference between the two is flu symptoms come on quickly.

“People go to work feeling fine, spreading the virus around. Then by the end of the day, they will feel like they got hit by a truck. The fever comes on fast, the aching body, even your hair hurts,” he said.

People who are in high risk groups should seek medical treatment, Bhardwaj said. But for everyone else, the only treatment is to rest and treat your symptoms — with Advil, Tylenol, Kleenex and soup.

“Get all of those things ready now because once you’re sick, you’re not going to be in any shape to go out shopping for that,” he said.

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9 Responses to Brace yourself for nasty flu season, Calgary doctor warns

  1. Koorz says:

    Stock up on Camu powder, and take everyday – or twice….

  2. mary in ND says:

    I advise NO FLU SHOT. I felt I was coming down with something a few days ago. My warning signal is that my ears begin to itch! When that happens I immediately start applying colloidal silver to inside of the ears using a q tip or I will also use hydrogen peroxide. I also spray my eyes with the colloidal silver and instill a few drops to each nostril. This regimen usually heads off whatever was trying to upset me…

    • mary in ND says:

      However this time around I felt it moving into my chest so I began nebulizing colloidal silver 3 times per day. I am also taking 1.5 GM of sodium ascorbate 3 times per day and 3 drops of oil of oregano diluted in 4 ounces of water also 3 times per day. I have been doing this for the last 3 days and have had great success…if one is planning to use the oil of oregano it should be of the wild variety and contain at least 70% carvacrol

      • Scott says:

        I haven’t tried colloidal silver before but I do agree 100% on the oil of oregano! I swear by it. I put 7 drops under the tongue twice a day for at least 15 seconds of non-diluted 85% carv. It burns a little but works like a charm. No flu shots or any shots since I was 8.

  3. mary in ND says:

    ‘the only treatment is to rest and treat your symptoms — with Advil, Tylenol, Kleenex and soup.’…..Poison, poison, but Kleenex and soup ok …IMHO

  4. Joestp says:

    I’ve been doing this for 20 years and it works great, 1. CARNIVORA. 2. NUTRASILVER PLUS 3600 PPM. 3. THE ULTIMATE ZAPPER.
    Used on my pets also.

    • mary in ND says:

      thanks for sharing…there are many many ‘home’ remedies for all that ails us…..I make my own colloidal silver….I do not know about Nutrasilver but please be sure it is NOT NANO

  5. mary in ND says:

    money and the alteration of your DNA

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