BREAKING: James Lindsay calls out the cult of queer theory, targeting of children in Amfest address

By Hannah Nightingale – The Postmillennial

BREAKING: James Lindsay calls out the cult of queer theory, targeting of children in Amfest address

James Lindsay, founder of New Discourses, sat down with Charlie Kirk at Turning Point USA’s Americafest on Monday to talk about the cult of queer theory, and how to fight back.

“Are they trying to queer our kids?” Kirk said to open the session.

Lindsay responded, “Yeah. Our education, our media, our social media is in the grips of a religious cult that’s doctrine is called queer theory.”

Lindsay explained that “queer is not an identity. You cannot be a queer person in who you actually are. Queer is explicitly defined as a political stance, which means it’s as much of your identity as being a Republican or a Democrat or a member of the Green Party. It’s not who you are. It is not being gay,” he said, adding that “in fact, it’s hostile to being gay.”

Queer theory, he said, is “Marxism where instead of trying to take on capitalism as the private property that they want to smash, it’s that some people get to be considered normal and other people are deviants, degenerate, weirdos, and perverts, and that has to be smashed.”

Kirk asked if there was a concerted effort to go after kids, to which Lindsay replied that this was “absolutely” the case.”

He used the example of an adult going to a drag queen show versus a child, in which the adult wouldn’t really be “swayed” by the performance while children are impressionable.

“A child that has a drag show in front of them they have questions all of a sudden. Why is there a man dressed as a woman? Why is this performance happening? And it confuses them, it actually shuts down their processes to be able to understand what the world is. It forces them to turn to an expert,” using the example of then-Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson being asked what a woman, with her suggesting she doesn’t know because she is not a biologist.

“This has a real name in the psychological literature called trauma bonding. You traumatize the kids to induce a personal identity crisis, then you bond with them as giving them the only resolution to that,” Lindsay said.

“So you lead them away from their parents. You lead them away from their church, you lead them away from healthy role models, and you bond with them as a cult member who is engaging in activity that can only possibly be described by the word groomer, which you’re now not allowed to say in Canada.”

Kirk questioned what the motive was for the “alphabet mafia” to do this, to which Lindsay said, “the primary reason is the trauma.”

“You need to create psychological trauma in order to lead somebody into a cult, into a state of dependency, into a state of confusion. The main point of queer theory is to introduce age-inappropriate materials to children to traumatize them. Look actually go find some of those videos where they’re the exposes of children being exposed to drag queens and look at the kids’ faces. They’re horrified.”

Lindsay explained that there was an “advantage” to getting these children involved, with “desperately confused individuals” going thousands of dollars into medical debt for sex changes.

“Well, what happens? You saddle kids with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt. What do they start begging for politically? Student loan relief. You saddle kids with hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt. What do you think they’re going to ask for? Socialized medicine.”

Drawing parallels to Mao Ze Dong’s Red Guard during China’s cultural revolution, Lindsay said “what they need is a rainbow guard.”

“They need a bunch of broken young people who will flip out and go be activists, while they’re failing all their math classes … At the drop of a hat because the world seems to be cheating them, and the people who are actually destroying their psychology destroying their physiology are actually the people who are then wielding them as a weapon. And that’s what they need. They need a radicalized angry youth. So they don’t need gays and lesbians. They need queers. They need radical political, anti-normalcy, anti-legitimacy warriors.”

“Gender identity is literally a cult grooming term that is designed to mislead children and to confuse adults into supporting them into their own destruction. So they confuse these poor kids. And they destroy them. That’s what it’s for. It’s all it’s for Charlie. It’s just to destroy kids so that they can turn them into a revolutionary army.”

Kirk asked if pushing for the legalization of pedophilia is part of this movement, which Lindsay noted that the pushing for this has already been happening.

“It is sometimes actually in the queer theory literature, but it’s more accurate to say that the pedophile stuff is never far from the queer liquid theory literature,” later adding that its the “dark heart of queer theory.”

In combating these issues, Lindsay said that the “cult recruitment” efforts of going after these children need to be addressed, lawsuits such as medical malpractice suits need to be filed, and expert witnesses need to “pull apart the lies” from medical professional organizations like the American Psychological Association.

“We need people who are saying no, this is really what the truth of the matter is. We need parents who are saying no, absolutely not. We need parent after parent after parent protecting children. We need to figure out ways to reach our kids.”

Gesturing to his cell phone, Lindsay said that “these are a problem,” noting that the grooming begins online with social media and organizations like the Trevor Project and is affirmed in the school setting.

Lindsay said that Republican attorneys general, DAs, and sheriffs need to start “perp walks of these people who call themselves doctors, that have been doing this to these kids.”

“We’ve got to go after these organizations and figure out why on earth they are defending this. Not why they are internally, who’s funding them to defend this and why. Why is money being dumped into, who’s dumping money into destroying our nation’s children at the psychological and physiological and spiritual level for this cult agenda, and what is behind that.”

One thought on “BREAKING: James Lindsay calls out the cult of queer theory, targeting of children in Amfest address

  1. Such important information in those 4 vids, but too bad they come to us from a partisan pro-Trump platform. Man, I am seeing so many campaign tactics, co-opting the issues that are most important to the people and then presenting them as solvable by their party’s victory. Sickening!! Sure, business-as-usual will save our kids.

    Any parent hell-bent on saving his or her child must get proficient in The Bill of Rights NOW!! With those 10 Articles comes a way out from force, coercion, child abuse, etc. All 10 empower us to live our lives free of infringement and allow others the same experience, but in this moment Article 4 is standing out in my mind. I saved this old quote on Article 4, but I do not know who wrote it: “…

    “…intended to serve as a protective force-field around our persons, our property, our activities, our communications and our movements. It keeps the government out of our private business…” And not just the government: ANY INTRUDER!!

    Maybe when we greet each other with a handshake and eye-contact, we should present the others with a question and a smile: “Bill of Rights proficient?” If you get a “No.” Invite them to coffee. 🙂


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