BREAKING: Louisville Shooter’s Radical Anti-Gun Manifesto Unveiled by Mark Steffen

The gunman responsible for a bank shooting in Louisville that killed five and injured eight left behind a manifesto, found in his home after his death, detailing his opposition to firearms and his intent to prove how easy it was for an unsuitable person to obtain one.

The shooter, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, outlined his anti-gun beliefs in a 13-page document where he cited his ongoing struggles with mental health issues and acted to draw attention to the ease with which disturbed individuals who pose a public threat can purchase a gun. Sturgeon, who was previously an employee at the bank, live-streamed the April 13th attack. Executives for the bank said Sturgeon was hired in 2021 but later let go as he struggled to fit in with fellow employees.

In the manifesto, obtained by the Daily Mail, Sturgeon expressed his anger at Kentucky’s gun laws where he legally purchased an AR-15 used in the shooting. He added that guns should be banned and was frustrated with the lack of restrictions placed on the Second Amendment. After killing four citizens and a 26-year-old police officer, Sturgeon was gunned down in a firefight with responding officers.

Kentucky does not prohibit the sale of firearms to individuals with mental health disorders or violent misdemeanor convictions related to domestic abuse or substance abuse.

Critics of anti-gun measures cited the shooting as another example of how gun restrictions do not work and dangerous individuals like Sturgeon will find ways to subvert laws and obtain firearms regardless of their mental health backgrounds or criminal records. Others have accused the media of sensationalizing the shooting while failing to note the root causes of violent behavior as well as the lack of protection for citizens in such public places.

The shooting by Sturgeon adds to growing evidence that mass shooters span the ideological spectrum. Earlier this year, a transgender left-wing shooter gunned down students at a Christian school in Nashville; another transgender had plans for a massive killing spree in Colorado as well.


One thought on “BREAKING: Louisville Shooter’s Radical Anti-Gun Manifesto Unveiled by Mark Steffen

  1. Had to look up The Kentucky “Waiting Period” when buying a gun there, they said the fairy bank shooter (who worked there at the bank) bought the “Assault Rifle” Lol…. 6 days prior. Apparently they don’t have waiting periods in Kentucky, which is great of course, I always thought it was a national thing, so had to check.

    Needless to say, the supreme law doesn’t allow for any restrictions on any of our terrible instruments of the soldier. The Commie Jew dreck coming at us everywhere is fkn vial man. Even from purportedly Patriotic, American’ts All I here them reference is “The 2nd Amendment” this and that, inviolate etc…..I correct them where ever possible……

    There is No 2nd Amendment; only Articles, the original 10, sacrosanct and iron clad Stop points restricting that Commie, Colonial, law of the seas Con-stitution; a mechanism meant to enslave with open subject matter as Henry always explains.

    DTTNWO eternal…… Looks like we have arrived at the end of the communist manifesto folks, best be ready……they gonna pull some major shit soon I wager…

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