BREAKING: US Constitution attacked and desecrated by climate activists in DC

By Thomas Stevenson – The Post Millennial

BREAKING: US Constitution attacked and desecrated by climate activists in DC

The US Constitution in the National Archives was desecrated by climate activists on Wednesday. The activists dumped red powder over themselves as well as the case that held the document.

The two activists were arrested within a few minutes, according to journalist Ford Fischer.

The activists said that they wanted to engage in and “foment a rebellion” and that “only wealthy white men” have the rights enshrined in America’s founding document.

“We will not be held accountable to laws [in] which we have no voice or representation,” one uttered in protest to the United States as a whole.

The activists urged President Joe Biden to “declare a climate emergency” in the country. One of them called the state of climate in the world “terrifying” and said that America had to take action immediately to address it.

Officers evacuated the area after detaining the two activists, clearing out other civilians.

Fischer, in a thread after the posted clip, explained that one of the activists, who he referred to as Donald, has participated in many climate activism protests before.

The journalist wrote, “Donald, who participated today, was also arrested blocking traffic yesterday.”

Declare Emergency, the organization Donald is associated with, writes in its X bio, “We are deeply within a climate emergency state but people are not aware of it.,” quoting Professor Hans Schellnhuber.

The Declare Emergency account quoted the video and wrote, “We don’t want the end of civilization but that’s the path we’re currently on. Declare Emergency’s nonviolent civil disobedience is love in action everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.”

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