10 thoughts on “#bringbackourgirls Exposed! She’s Not Nigerian and Not Abducted! MSM Selling Lies!

  1. I knew it from the gitgo shades of the babies being taken out of incubators and left on the cement floors to start another war. Remember?

    1. Hey GrinNBarrett, let’s shoot up some kids at an Elementary School (that had been abandoned for years) just to outrage the people enough to just go down to the river and throw all their guns away. Oh dammit, our ruse didn’t work. OK, how about we bomb a popular sporting event, like the Boston Marathon, and blame 2 stooges from Eastern Europe and call it “Terrorism”. Oh, dammit, that didn’t work either. Let’s go over there and “take a dump” in Ukraine just to stir that big crock of $hit and blame it on those “big, bad Russians”. Remember, it all boils down to the most creative “script writers” and who is able to produce the “most believable” soap opera! This whole Nigerian gig stinks of CIA mind manipulation to distract us from something waaaaaaaay bigger that they are trying to sneak under the radar. That leader comes out and says “We will sell your daughters to the highest bidder” bullshit is intended to outrage people. They just found their new Bin Laden. How handy, they just bought our ticket for war in Nigeria. Let’s see now, what natural resource does Nigeria have that they want to steal. Think of the most “unthinkable act” a human could impose on another and they will hire you. It’s all “Mind Games” as John Lennon put it.

      1. I don’t think TPTB can ever fool us again. The stories are too repetitive and easily broken open. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. There is where we are at. Better yet….you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can NEVER fool all of the people all of the time. That is encouraging.

    2. Grin, I knew from the start this this was another hoax. Reminded
      me of that guy, Cony, or whatever his name was about a year
      ago. That band wagon that Angelina Jolie jumped on.

      They are unbelievable, but what is more insane, is that the
      general public buys it. If I try to talk to most of the people I
      know about this being a hoax, they look at me like there is
      something wrong with me!!

        1. That’s right, “gimme”. Just yesterday two of my husband’s casual acquaintances
          stopped by the house for a short visit.

          I tried to bring “the truth” into the conversation and it was obvious from just their body language that they are in
          “la la land”.

          The frightening thing about the people in the Matrix…most people we know are intelligent,
          honest, hard working people.

          Thanks be to God that our immediate families are awake now, but even that was a slow process.

          The ones who choose to be “ignorant” about the present times will believe it when they wake up one day in a Fema camp.

          1. I can not count the number of times that those who inform us tell us over and over to get prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for what is to come. Those that do not will be the first to die. Do what you can keep trying never give up their lives depend on it.

          2. I know that feeling of frustration 1611 Believer. Sometimes when you attempt to help open the escape hatch to “The Matrix” they look at you like your trying to hand them a “Watchtower” pamphlet.

  2. Once again, all the more reason to expel the current MSM and take back control of the airwaves and their facilities. It’s time to go V for Vendetta on their ass. These antagonizers will not stop selling their poisonous lies until we stop them. They’re like a buzzing housefly that just won’t leave We the People alone. It’s time to RAID the flies (no pun intended) and take them out.

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